Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekly Winners – self portrait edition

Once a month, on the 20th, I take a self-portrait.

This month proved to be a challenge. I was up for a quick – hold the camera up and shoot- type photo.

My camera though had focusing issues


I couldn’t do this deliberately if I tried


So then I held the camera sidewise thinking it would give less non-face space to focus on.

But I leaned too far back and took the shot too early


Oh hai


Finally I got a decent shot


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secretagentmama said...

Love that last shot and love the black and white conversion!

amy2boys said...

Oh cute! (I look better when the camera doesn't focus. heh.)

humel said...

And a lovely shot it is too :-) But I'm disappointed you can't give us instructions on how to get those blurry shots, I would so use that technique for my own self-portraits...

texanmama said...

Well, I can tell what you are going for here, but really I think they are ALL good. I like it sometimes when the foreground is out of focus. Or, when the main subject is out of focus. Anyway, nice photos!

helena said...

black and white version looks very dramatic. Always interesting to see what the camera decides to focus on

hip chick said...

It is very difficult to take a picture of ones self.

merrymishaps said...

Nice job! I suck at self portraits.

Jientje said...

The black and white one is awesome!
Have a wonderful week!

Aunt Becky said...

You purdy.

Ladynred said...

I love the last shot too!