Monday, May 31, 2010

How was your weekend?

It was Memorial Day weekend here in the US, a 3 day weekend,the unofficial start of summer.

Saturday I spent all my time from 1pm until 3am eating sushi, drinking wine and reading chick lit or watching Firefly. It was glorious!

The males went camping & I’m told it was equally glorious.

But really.

Sleeping in the back of a mini van, in the woods, with all the humidity & bugs versus watching Nathan Fillion in air conditioned splendor, lounging on your own tempur pedic mattress, while stuffing yourself with salmon rolls washed down red wine.

Who had the better Saturday?

Sunday afternoon the males returned and we cooked out but ate in because it was too damn hot to eat outside. The pool was filled and blasted with chemicals

Monday there was lots of outside play but none in the pool due to the chemicals and icy cold nature of the water. (This was a parental decree, the boys were perfectly happy to turn a really bleached out shade of blue if we’d just let them in the pool). Then we had a cookout with friends. The kids were off in the woods somewhere & we had wine. Then there were burgers and the kids appeared. More wine was had. The kids then flung themselves off of high trees and fought with sticks while the adults talked about this ‘helicopter parenting’ we’d heard tell of. Apparently it is a different approach than the “Don’t make me get out of this chair” parenting we do. It seems to involve putting down the wine and getting out of the chair and going over to the children and actually intervening.


All in all we had a great weekend. It seems strange there is school tomorrow.

How was your weekend?


SciFi Dad said...

You already know how my weekend went, so no need to recap it here.

Sounds like you definitely got the better end of the Saturday deal though.

Creative Junkie said...

I absolutely love the phrases you use ("flung themselves off high trees") and the way you describe your parenting. We are really so much alike!

We had a wonderful weekend - great weather, good food, getting soaking wet on a jet boat tour. Why can't all of summer be like that?