Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Potluck


Ah Mondays. Potluck is useful to me in so many ways this week. I have no idea what to post about and I have no idea what to serve for dinner either. DH is working 3 hours away from home all week, so he leaves at 6am and gets home at 8pm. Just me & the boys for dinner and I have a hard time cooking meals I know won’t be appreciated by boys (like steak & pierogies) when DH isn’t around to appreciate them. Perhaps I will get a rotisserie chicken tomorrow and serve it in various ways all week.

Rotisserie chicken, chicken sandwiches, chicken salad, chicken hash & eggs, and then chicken soup.

Actually now that I read it, it’s not too bad with the right side dishes.



Obviously I am not rocking in kitchen right now. I’m in a dinner slump. But I came across these on the web Friday and it was this major epiphany experience. I went from not knowing they existed, to knowing about them, to possessing them in less than 60 seconds. I couldn’t not buy them. (possessing in this case meaning I have paid for them, so they are mine, but I can’t actually touch them until the Big Brown Truck of Joy brings them to me later this week. They are exclusive to Williams Sonoma and the nearest one to me is 2 hours away)



Mayhem has a phobia that is hard for me to grasp. He is afraid to flush the toilet for fear it will overflow. Now, were he 3 and potty training & recently stuffed half a roll of toilet paper in the toilet, flushed it & had it overflow everywhere & seen me pitch a fit about having to go out to the barn & get the shop vac and drag it in the house & vac up all the nasty water, while shouting “FOR GODS’ SAKE DON’T PLAY IN THE TOILET WATER” several times – then I could understand the phobia. But while that did happen several times between the ages of 2 and nearly 5 it has now been well over 15 months since the last toilet overflow, so why suddenly start freaking out about it now?



I’m rereading a mystery series right now. The books are by Marshall Karp & feature LA detectives Lomax & Briggs. The titles so far are The Rabbit Factory, Blood Thirsty & Flipping Out, with a new one called Cut Paste Kill due out in a couple weeks. These books are why I adore my library. They are thrillers, gory, suspenseful & set in modern day LA. I would never in a million years have picked up one at a bookstore because they are so outside my comfort zone. But I pick up all sorts of stuff at the library. If 50 pages in I don’t like it I take it back & am out nothing. These books are hysterical. They are so funny & enjoyable, despite the thriller-ness of them. This is what Booklist says about the new one “Here’s something we’ve never seen in crime fiction: a hard-boiled scrapbooking mystery.”  Seriously, a hard boiled scrapbooking mystery. I can’t not read it.



I managed to use jejune in a sentence at the gym. Then I had to clarify what I said & what it meant. (it was noisy). This week I am going for disapprobation, which means moral disapproval or condemnation. There are several things that earn my disapprobation in the course of a day. This week I am going to express it.




Is there anything that cannot be served on pizza? Think about it. What wouldn’t be good on pizza, assuming you control crust & sauce choice as well as toppings? I spent my 12 minutes of bus waiting time Friday thinking of all the foods I like and debating with myself whether or not they would be good on pizza. The only thing that came to mind was cereal but since cereal is made into snack bars probably given enough time I could make a cereal bar type pizza.

Thank you Holly for hosting the potluck



Cheri said...

I bet the boys will LOVE sugar cookies shaped like Yoda! Too cute!

TooManyHats said...

Love the potluck theme! Make sure you post pics of the cookies you make with those new cookie cutters. Interesting thoughts on pizza - I was going to say ice cream, but then I thought you could make a cookie crust and serve it at room temp and that would be oh so yummy.

LizzieMade said...

Woo-hoo, for Star Wars Cookie cutters!! And LOL your Rotisserie Chicken to last all week!! That is just so funny... I could do that too, you know... I think we all have these flat periods, where we just don't feel like cooking and all our imagination kind of seeps away... and we're bored of the same-old favourites too... bleah! BTW WHAT are "pierogies"?

Do you think Mayhem might have seen something on TV that sparked this sudden worry about the toilet? Children are odd little creatures and something apparently innocuous can set off a silly panic/worry. My DH (unwisely!) showed some of the volcano scences from 2012 to DS. He couldn't sleep on Saturday night, because he was worried Yellowstone Park would explode and the world would come to an end. Mind you, he seems to have accepted my offered comfort and slept fine last night.
Hope Mayhep soon forgets his worry. Maybe a book that would show him how a toilet works could help him - after all, boys like that kind of book and tend to be quite literal in their thinking anyway.

This was a fun post, Stacey! Made me smile, made me laugh!

Creative Junkie said...

"big brown truck of joy" ... that is the most appropriate description I've heard in a long time!

I have to tell my SIL about those cookie shapers - her husband is a die hard Star Wars fan and cookies in the shape of Yoda would probably send him into an orgasm or something.

humel said...

I spy a business opportunity for you there with your pizza idea! Love the cookie cutters too :-)

I'm currently reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel, have you read that one? x

SciFi Dad said...

I saw those cookie cutters and IMMEDIATELY instructed my wife to grab them. IMMEDIATELY.

Texasholly said...

I am thinking you could use your most excellent cookie cutters to cut out things to put on your pizza...genius, I know.

Now I need to go buy those ASAP.

Thanks for potluckin'

Aunt Becky said...

My child might require those Star Wars thingies. I'm not a Star Wars person, but THEY are. The creepy people who live with me.

Pgoodness said...

Hey, I use a lot of those cookie cutters as sandwich cutters - and those are AWESOME!!

Carrie said...

Does sound like a good meal plan! I know what you mean - my DH works 2nd shift and never home for dinner. Hope the toilet thing gets figured out. ;)

frantically heidi said...

How about soup on a pizza? Not too sure how that would work...
Those cookie cutters rock my socks off.