Thursday, August 05, 2010

The 3 causes of accidents

1. I did not see

2. I did not think

3. I did not know

These were on a sign at  Ft AP Hill, where DH has spent the majority of his summer. He took a photo of it for the boys and had them memorize it. He never sent me the photo or I’d post it.

Now, whenever the boys do something wrong & hurt themselves or something else we ask them “What was the cause of this accident?”

I DID NOT THINK by far tops the list as most common reason.

I DID NOT THINK that dragging my brother around on a small carpet by a dog chain attached to his pants would rip his pants down the side. We were just playing

I DID NOT THINK wrestling with my brother by jumping on him repeatedly would cause my knee to connect with his nose and make it bleed.We were just playing

I DID NOT THINK I would miss hitting my brother with the wiffle balls we are throwing at one another and break the lamp instead. We were just playing

I DID NOT THINK throwing my stuffed animals at the ceiling fan to make them fly could break the ceiling fan. It never has before. I was just playing

I DID NOT THINK shouting BOOOO at the cat would cause him to scratch me. I was just playing

I DID NOT THINK my brother would spill the glass of juice he was hold all over the place if I bonked myself into him. I was just playing.

I DID NOT THINK if I smacked my brother for touching my stuff that he would body slam me to the floor and try to bite my ear off.

I DID NOT THINK if I hit my unwanted food under my seat cushion it would attract bugs and start to smell. This also qualifies as DID NOT KNOW because all the rest have a clear repeatable history behind them, whereas this was a new action.

Notice no one ever gets into any trouble for sitting around reading a book?

I told DH that really the main cause of accidents in our house is


because every one of those things I just mentioned happened AFTER I told them what bad things could happen if they did it.

What’s the main cause of accidents/injury at your house?


SciFi Dad said...

Yeah, "I did not think" is generally the cause of most of our issues too.

Ruth said...

I must remember this post when DS is that little bit older and things start to just happen ...

Mpatry said...

LOL, too funny! Love it!

Rinda1961 said...

Oh, here, it's "I know mom." When they obviously, in hindsight, don't.

Mel said...

I Did Not Do As I Was Told.....

Beverly said...

lol thanks for sharing, my "little" boys are 17 and 22 now and it was nice to have a moment of their younger years again. Oldest did BSA National Jambo at Fort AP Hill :)

Andrea Chamberlain said...

OMG, that's funny.

Let's see ... at our house, it would have to be something along the lines of "I did not hear you when you yelled for the twentieth time that I should not ..."

Carrie said...

Oh boy you have your hands full! Suddenly a bit grateful my boys are 17 years apart! lol

Comfy Mom said...

That is what DH is doing - set up & tear down for the internet & cell provisions