Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tomorrow is the day

School starts tomorrow. The bus will be here some time between 7:13 and 7:25, which strikes me a very broad time range to cover half a mile and 4 houses but what do I know?

We have a new bus driver, possibly she could get lost I suppose.

We met the kids’ new teachers yesterday at the school open house. The school had two teachers retire & only one was replaced, so there was a shake up in the classrooms. Havoc’s teacher used to be a kindergarten teacher and Mayhem’s teacher was the 2nd grade teaching assistant & just got her teaching license in this state (apparently she has been teaching for a few years in NV but hadn’t had it updated when she moved here a few years ago)

We gave them apples.


Havoc is once again in the largest class. I assume that means he’s relatively well behaved. He’s in a class of 20. Judging from kiddie gossip it looks like the class of 15 is filled with troublemakers & there are a few in the classes of 17. It would be very easy to adjust the class size more evenly so I can only guess there is some reason for the inequity.

Mayhem was too shy to say much to his teacher, but he covers up his shy by finding everything else in the room more fascinating than the people so it comes across a bit rude. There are 16 kids in his class. His room was the second in that wing of the school so I did not get to see the other class sizes for comparison. Possibly Mayhem is in with the troublemakers, possibly there are fewer 1st graders. I suppose I’ll find out in time.

Each boy has homework for tomorrow. They have to pack a bag with some things they like & write sentences about why they like each thing. They will be sharing those with the class tomorrow. Mayhem also has to draw a picture of something fun that he did during the summer and write a sentence about it.

Naturally no one did that Monday when they were given the assignment. They both claim they will do it after dinner tonight, since that is when homework is traditionally done.

I volunteered to help out in the classrooms since the school can’t pay the assistants they’ve had the past few years and they don’t get the high school kids in to help until after December. The teachers are still working out when they need the help & what for so I won’t have anything to do until September at least, if not October but after that I’ll probably be at the school one afternoon a week in one or the other of the classes. There was some suggestion I teach the kids to crochet but while I can crochet like a demon, I can’t teach people to do it. I learned to crochet when I was 5. I don’t remember not knowing how to crochet & cannot understand how people don’t understand what I am explaining. I have never successfully taught anyone to crochet.

I have the same problem with teaching the boys to tie their shoes. I started teaching Havoc to tie his shoes 2 years ago.

He finally figured it out this past Sunday.

I haven’t even attempted it with Mayhem.

Sure no kid goes to high school in diapers, but plenty wear velcro fastening shoes.


Rinda1961 said...

Good-luck! My kids start next week, but I'm going off to sell P.E. clothes at high school freshman orientation today.

Beth Zimmerman said...

I couldn't figure out how to teach Josiah to tie his shoes either. My teen step-daughter taught him during a long car trip in the back of the van. Gotta love teachable moments with captive audiences!

Carrie said...

We still have a few weeks left here - good luck in the AM. :) In K we have a lot of parents in the classroom but last few years haven't really had much need for us - maybe on Fridays to help load their folders so been signing up for baking throughout the year.

Andrea Chamberlain said...

UGH - We still have almost 4 more weeks until school. I am so over summer.

Faith said...

I SO Love this post and your style of writing - going back to school is so much fun isn't it? :)

Caroline Mukisa said...

Lucky you that your kids are back in school! Here as an expat in Saudi Arabia, my kids have a 3 month vacation until mid Sept!

I need to check, but I'm sure my 9 yr old still can't tie laces!