Sunday, August 08, 2010

Weekly Winners

Some from my 365 photos this time

I did some vintage type effects on these



The legos were out in force in a crowded and often dangerous commute



And my crochet shawls is coming along nicely


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Helena said...

I'd comute more often if there was that kind of company ! Love the first photo - great use of a vintage feel

Denise said...

Love the vintage feel on the first two shots... the last one cracks me up. Great shots!

Donna said...

Love those Lego shots! They remind me of when my boys were much younger. Sweet Stuff!

Tara R. said...

Love that first shot! The composition and angle is perfect.

vixensden said...

I love that shawl! Very nice. And I am sure the dinosaur really appreciates it! I must learn how to do some effects on my photos.

texanmama said...

Wow, that dinosaur looks comfy! Ha ha
Great photos!