Monday, August 02, 2010

Getting back into things

Ok, it’s time to get myself out of this apathy/frustration cycle slump that I have been in for all of July. It’s a new month, school starts in 2.5 weeks, the job travel should end in 2 weeks. It’s time to sit down, take stock & move on.

I’m starting with meal planning. If you know me in real life you know you can gauge my moods by my dinner plans. When all is right with my world I cook dinner often & enjoy it. When things are briefly up or down I want to go out to eat. When down continues for awhile I lose all interest in cooking & eating.

It worried DH when I never once asked him in all of 2004 what he wanted for dinner. I’d been known for calling him at 10am to plan dinner for the next night. When I started planning a week’s worth of dinner at a time in 2006 he knew I was on the road to being my old self again. So it’s a good place for me to start again now.

Today I am going to buy a rotisserie chicken for dinner, later this week I will make chicken salad and chicken pocket sandwiches from it . We’ll do steak & pirogues one night and steak & bean salad another night with the leftovers. Something with pork will be done in the crock pot one night & then BBQ pork sandwiches with the leftovers. I want to do a frittata & salad, the boys will want tacos at least once and we’ll have chicken & rice soup one night. The boys will eat almost everything with minimum fuss so if DH isn’t there it won’t be too bad.

I’ve got to go through their clothes & sort out what is still nice enough for school wear & what I need to buy them. They won’t need long sleeves or long pants until October probably so there is no rush there but probably they need shoes and this weekend is tax free school shopping weekend, which includes shoes up to $100. (as if I would buy the rapidly growing demons $100 shoes)

I need to crochet some apples for teacher gifts for Open House whenever they decide to have it.

I need some mindless funny entertainment too, so I’ve added Total Drama Island to my Netflix queue.

What I really need is DH to take the boys camping so I can have 24 hours to crochet while vegging out to Total Drama, snacking on chicken salad & drinking wine.


Penny said...

LOL...we are having a lot of the same meals as you this week! I totally get the cooking/mood thing. I'm the same.

smallmoments said...

Yum!!! You need to post recipes, too! :)

Kelthebookworm said...

I need start menu planning myself! good luck!!!

addingtonmom said...

Totally hear ya on the cooking and mood going hand-in-hand. Found your blog today on 31DBBB, and love your scrapbooks. I saw on the Blog Buddy thread that you are on your third picture-a-day project. I am getting ready to start Project Life on my 30th birthday in a few weeks. I am SO excited about it.

Going to look around your blog for some inspiration :-)

Penny said...

LOL...we are having a lot of the same meals as you this week! I totally get the cooking/mood thing. I'm the same.