Saturday, August 07, 2010

#HomeHer10 Join Us

If you are among those of us who for one reason or another did not make it to BlogHer10 this week, come join us on Twitter for the HomeHer10 conference.

No need to worry about what to wear, or what parties you might be missing, or where to find swag or how much things cost. HomeHer takes you as you are, where you are, doing what you are. Every HomeHer attendee has their own experience to share & enjoy.

Backpacking Dad started the conference on Thursday & it had grown to over 500 attendees by 9pm Friday. It’s a rocking party & a great way to find new people to follow & new blogs to read. Nothing against BlogHer, we just wanted to have a party too.

I’ve run the following sessions

Seminar on Who Had the Worst Week-Spousal Comparison for Fun & Profit starting as soon as the coffee is ready #HomeHer10

the I'M BOOOORRED session is canceled today due to lack of ideas for things to do. Go outside, get some fresh air for a change #HomeHer10

Hosting tomorrows session -Boys Bathroom Cleaning- Is Hazmat Suit Really Necessary? #HomeHer10 (it was standing room only)

Seminar- Put down the video game & pick up a book- constructive variation in silent activities - starts in 15 minutes! #HomeHer10

I was hoping to find these seminars

I need to find out how to increase SEO in my home. I am sick of being the only one who can find anything here #HomeHer10

When does the dishwasher loading & unloading seminar start? DH was (not) hoping to attend #HomeHer10

I thought these seminars looked promising

sharonanneo Home office organization; KEEP YOUR TOYS OUT OF MY BEDROOM! Beginning in ten minutes. Don't be late. Presenter has a short fuse. #homeher10

redneckmommy On today's agenda: morning session on how to start a lawn tractor and encourage your children to ride it so you won't have to. #HomeHer10

DidacticPirate Highlight Session - "Expanding the Community: Why Your Cat Should Be Blogging." Limited Seating. #HomeHer10

Carole_Baker: Hosting my own session today at #homeher10 conference "How Pool Lounging Can Positively Affect Bottom Line, Increase ROI"

Follow the #HomeHer10 hash tag on Twitter to get the full benefits of the conference and use the #HomeHer10 tag when tweeting.  Backpacking Dad has started a couple lists of conference attendees Here and Here. You can follow those lists as well to keep up with all the fun. There is a Mister Linky on Backpacking Dad’s post with other posts about HomeHer10 as well.

I’m ComfyMom if you want to follow me.


Rinda1961 said...

Lol! I could add a poster presentation on "did you look with your eyes?" and "yes, you can move things and look behind them."

CoffeeJitters (Judy Haley) said...

Awesome! I'll definitely be checking in throughout the day. Be sure to check out my seminar on Ice Cream as the ultimate weight loss food.

Beth Zimmerman said...

That's cute! Sorry I missed it!

WebSavvyMom said...

-->It was a lot of fun for sure.