Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Causing Mayhem

Havoc gets his artwork posted so I feel I need to talk about Mayhem for a bit since he is not as into drawing or writing as his brother.

Havoc talks non stop. All the time. Constantly. And since school started and he’s had to keep it in during the day, it comes out in a flood when he gets off the bus. And Mayhem can’t get a word in. But he persists. Whenever Havoc pauses for a breath Mayhem speaks up “You know I…” but Havoc just keeps going. Mayhem is persistent though. He just keeps interrupting and interrupting until an adult intervenes and makes Havoc let Mayhem talk. (I let it go so long because I keep hoping Havoc is about to get to the point, but he never is)

Then Mayhem says his one sentence and is done.

Mayhem has his own personal sound track. He goes about his day and occasionally he accompanies himself with a little tune which I cannot replicate because it sound like do do do do do do do do do. But with specific timing & emphasis. Sometimes he just walks around Target humming it to himself.

Mayhem is often the kid playing off by himself. He is also the kid who wants everyone play one game together. “Lets connect up or DS’s together!” “Bring your wiimotes so we can all play together” “Lets play in the woods”. He’s uncomfortable when there are several small groups doing different things. It’s all or nothing and I don’t understand why.

Mayhem is such a techy gamer he doesn’t play Freeze Tag on the playground. He plays Pause the Game.

When Mayhem plays Wii it  is a full body experience

05 gamer1

Mayhem’s favorite food is pizza. Cheese only. Second is mac & cheese. Kraft only. If you serve him non Kraft mac & cheese (obvious because of noodle shape, cheese color & overall creaminess) he will pitch a fit because ‘this macaroni & cheese is frustrating me’. Glory Days Grill is known to our family as “the place with the frustrating mac & cheese” because they are the only chain in the area not to get Kraft microwaveable portions from the distributer.

Mayhem can grow the most beautiful head of curls



But he won’t let me brush them so he ends up with a short hair cut.


Though he always says “I want my curwls back” he won’t agree to brushing or conditioner because ‘that’s gurwl stuff’

Mayhem is most likely to get into trouble for one of two things. Either he physically assaulted his brother (with or without provocation) or he just screamed “NOOOO!” at a parent when asked to do something, ‘like come eat dinner’ or ‘time to brush your teeth’. He can drag a 5 minute time out for upwards of 45 minutes by shouting a non stop stream of variations of “NO!” and “I didn’t do it” from his room, plus making himself cry & get hysterical. Rule is, you have to be calm & speaking normally to leave your room. His insistence on drama can mean he spends the entire time from dinner to bedtime in his room because he just won’t let himself calm down.

Mayhem’s favorite thing to do is to sneak up on people from behind and then just before he grabs them he announces “There is hug coming up behind you!”


SciFi Dad said...

He sounds like an interesting kid... his own soundtrack? Really? Is it always the same, or does he just hum to himself all the time?

Comfy Mom said...

It varies a bit depending on what he is doing. If he is pleased with himself it's upbeat, if he is dragging himself to the table for a meal he hates it resembles a dirge, if he is looking for something it has a slower tempo. But it is the same general notes. He doesn't do it all the time but it punctuates his day.

Rinda1961 said...

What an awesome, insightful post about your boy. And the love you have for him just shines through! What a lucky boy he is to have you for his mama.

Lizziemade said...

Well., it's great that Mayhem gets a whole post dedicated to himself! He is a livewire for sure! I love your Gamer Dance layout - with the rectangles of bright papers and the b & w photo story. Your description of him playing "Pause the Game" in the playground is so funny!
My DS tends to run his life with a soundtrack too. The tune/song can vary, but it'll be the same one for quite a while, before he changes it. He seems especially keen on Christmas songs in the summer!

Mary Burt-Godwin said...

Isn't it great to see the two personalities of your kiddos? My two are so different but the younger one is the one who is the fireball, scene stealer. I love that Mayhem sneaks up to give hugs. So sweet! And a great reflection of your parenting! : )

Carrie said...

Oh yes the "Wasn't me." stage. Sigh. lol Great layout also!

Andrea Chamberlain said...

So much of what you wrote sounds like my youngest when she was that age. I absolutely love that last bit about the hug creeping up from behind! That probably makes up for a lot of the other, I would assume? Although I'm not sure how many hugs is equivalent to a 45 minute tantrum - I'm thinking at least ten.

Sugar Mama said...

I have a friend with a son that does the SAME thing with mac & cheese! I've never heard of that before, and I found it funny (mainly because he is someone else's kid). ;o) I agree that mac & cheese isn't always good... but the noodle shape is what gets me because that doesn't change the flavor. I love when kids do stuff like this.... makes them so unique! Oh, and his curls, why do boys always get the best hair?

Helena said...

I love the hug warning! And Havoc and Mayhem are such awesome monikers for your kids.

humel said...

This is just the cutest post :-)

αвï said...

Hey Havoc and Mayehem
I got 2 say nice photo's they look so profession . R u a photography ? czu if u r , u r soo good keep it uppp ..
mann u make begin a mom tht much easyyy Looll .. Wht do u n ur sons love 2 dooo ?