Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Making the most of it

So, yeah, I am still sick. Not as sick as this weekend, but still not well.

So I am stuck not exerting myself for a few more days

I seem to have turned a corner early Tuesday morning. You know that feeling you get when you have been sick awhile & have a fever & spend all night sweating & at some point the fever breaks and while you feel very weak, you feel better that you had? Like the worst is over?

I had that Tuesday morning.

Though I never had a fever, I did sweat buckets that night & woke up feeling like it was an improvement.

I thought one short gentle trip into town would be ok. I went to Hallmark and bought our new ornaments for this year


One for each of us, plus the Father Christmases that I collect when I like the look of them. I think this guy is 7th in the series and I have 2-3 others.

These bring our Star Wars collection of ornaments up to 12.  Getting closer to my goal of one year having an all Star Wars tree. 4 are minis and are for the tiny tree.

I try to get something meaningful every year but some years it’s more challenging than others. Like this year? Pokemon reigns with an ongoing Star Wars theme.

I’m not wild about Pokemon ornaments I have found & refuse to pay a $10 premium for pikachu (all the others are $9, he’s $19), the boys have played no organized sports, and have ignored all current culture, so Star Wars it is. Havoc gets Luke and Mayhem gets Yoda & Rex (which I am sure will cause complications when Elvin, our Christmas elf, delivers them. How come he got 2?).

DH & I had this tradition back before we had kids. Every year we’d buy 1 or 2 ornaments that mean something about the year. Usually from Hallmark. Then we had kids and switched to a small tree & those hallmark ornaments are generally too heavy for the small tree. The kids got 1st Christmas ornaments but we just didn’t buy any new ornaments for a few years, so I have a gap of few years worth of ornaments to fill. The grand plan is when they move out & have their very own Christmas tree they will get all their childhood ornaments to put on it, plus some of my mom’s wooden ones. (I have no idea what my future DILs will think of this, maybe they have this white gold tree fantasy that a bunch of gaudy superheros and dinosaurs total ruins, but that’s their problem to work out. Maybe they will be delighted by the sentimentality. Who knows?)

One trip into Hallmark & lunch with DH was apparently over exerting myself. I took maybe 50 steps! How is that exerting? I take that much around the house just getting water & going to the bathroom from all the water. 

As a result I spent most of today laying on the sofa & online trying to find ornaments to fill in the gap years. I’ve found some dino ornaments and am going to get some personalized trucks from Miles Kimball. I think I’ll make some Thomas the Tank Engine ornaments out of a couple trains we have duplicates of. That will cover the preschool years & I’ll feel caught up.

I’ll probably lay around tomorrow too, until parent teacher conferences, which are an hour apart & we live 25 minutes from school, which makes it awkward. They are after dark so the playground is out, so I suppose I’ll take them to multi food play place 10 minutes away & hope no one gets stuck & needs me to crawl around in those hamster tubes.


SciFi Dad said...

I am beyond jealous. My wife won't let me get the Boba Fett because she feels that $20 is too much for miniature ornaments (that would SO be on the big tree because, well, it's BOBA FREAKIN' FETT).

Comfy Mom said...

Exactly what I said when DH asked me the same thing. Plus there are two of them! For $15! A bargain really!

Carrie said...

Glad you are starting to feel better. We do same thing here with ornaments. :)

Rinda1961 said...

hope you continue to improve. i love when i feel well enough that i say "oh, this is how i'm supposed to feel. i must have been sick."
good luck with parent teacher conferences.

Beverly said...

Hope you are soon feeling 100%. Our family has the same tradition with ornaments and I, too have wondered how future DILs will react. Oldest son's current gf and probably my future DIL, likes that we have them so last year I started buying her ornaments to commemorate something special in her life (and throw in an extra or two)

LAAB_BLOG said...

Hey just stopping by from weekly winners. I just now figured out how to post with Disqus... sorry! I love your blog header it's really cute. Don't let my hubby see the Star Wars set. I'd be buying them all.

Jean Has Been Shopping said...

I hope you feel better soon. Your ornaments are rockin'!

Lizziemade said...

Wow, sounds as if you really were poorly this weekend. I know the feeling about "exerting yourself" too much. Today I only put some laundry on, then was going to do some other small job and realised I just couldn't - no more energy! I have spent much of the day "resting" again, but did manage to start a batch of small Christmas note-books for my shop, so not all a waste of time today. No yoga class though!!
I hope you feel much better by tomorrow; I think your plan to rest up all day and save your energy for the parents' evenings is a good idea. I also hope you don't need to go crawling through any tubes - or they may have to carry you to the next teacher appointment!
Feel better soon! X

the adviser said...

It's so nice to here other mothers knowing their boys favorite toys. They expect you to know these things about them. Do your boys also want you to play with the toys, with them. Do you find you do not want to but when you do, it really is fun? Thanks for starting us early for Christmas. Already I feel in the spirit from reading your post : )Feel better.

Mommying On The Fly said...

Hoping you feel better soon.. Stopping by to let you know I've got a little award for ya on my blog..

Andrea Chamberlain said...

I'm thinking my BIL would totally go apeshit over a Star Wars tree. He is a Star Wars fanatic. He has Yoda tattooed somewhere on him and his kids are named Ben and Lucas.

I, for one, dream of one of those fancy color-coordinated trees that you only see in magazines.

humel said...

I tried to comment on this post already, but I had problems with Disqus :-(

I think the tree ornaments are *fab* - we have a tradition of getting a couple of new ornaments every year, and I can remember the origin of each - though I hadn't thought of sharing them out between the kids one day, that's an interesting one, thank you for giving me something to consider :-)