Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekly Winners

I’m late today but I do have some


self portrait


dino bin




Clone meets shark attack!


But is rescued by t-Rex


The lego people brave the shark & pirate infested waters


And I am almost finished with a new scarf

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humel said...

Love the shot of you, and the scarf looks gorgeous :-) What have the dinos done though that they've been consigned to the bin???

Sarah said...

The new scarf looks beautiful...

But the shark in the water is my favorite part!!

Jen said...

you can have a story going here with the dinosaurs. ha!

Sarah @ TM2TS said...

The playing shots are so much fun!
And the kitty is GORGEOUS!

Donna said...

I love your cute dinosaur and toy photos. Such fun!

Carrie said...

Nice self portrait! Fun pictures! Love the toy & Lego ones!

Lotus Carroll said...

Now we know where they sleep! Once you find the lair, you have the upper hand....

I like your self portrait. :)