Thursday, October 07, 2010

Havoc is 8 now

Oct 02011

He was 8 days old in this photo.


Oct 02017

Look how tiny he is!

He weighed 7lbs!


Oct 02002

And he somehow sensed that his parents were boring people who were incapable of entertaining him.

 nov 02015

Not just boring parents, but odd parents.

 nov 02012

Easily amused by babies in sunglasses

florida (43)

And toddlers in them as well


not to mention hats

jan 04dl003

He wore lots of hats until he was about 3 and decided hats were passé.


This child never slept.

Oh there are dozens of photos of him sleeping, but that is because it  was such a rare occurrence I felt the need to document it. His waking up at the crack of dawn was a source of serious trouble in our house and probably he watched more TV than recommended because at 5:30am all his parents were capable of was turning on Sprout and drowsing on the sofa.

He only just this past year decided things other than tacos, pizza and goldfish crackers might possibly be food he could enjoy eating. All the years before are filled with long long battles over just how much of what he was going to eat.


These were his favorite books as a toddler. He could read truck related words long before he could read anything else. (much like Mayhem who knew Triceratops before he knew cat).

He’s reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid and How to Train Your Dragon now.  DH is counting the time to when he can read Lord of the Rings.

He’s less of a gamer than Mayhem, though he loves his Nintendo DS.

His big fascination right now is Pokemon. He knows all about them, buys the cards with his allowance,and has a few DS games.

He is still interested in Star Wars and Legos

He is an artist. And he gets paid for it!

He still sleeps with the bear my mom gave him and the monkey I gave him when he was born.

He’s so big! He’s 50 inches tall and weighs 50lbs.

Too big really for my lap anymore.


And he is just going to get bigger

Happy Birthday my not so little man!

Forgive all the baby photos please, I didn’t have a blog then so I rarely got to share them.


veronica lee said...

Happy Birthday to your little man!

SciFi Dad said...

Happy Birthday Havoc! (And, baby pictures need neither excuse nor explanation in my books.)

Darcy said...

Hope he had a wonderful birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love how he rocked those glasses!!

Beverly said...

Happy Birthday to Havoc! My boys were very into Pokemon and I am currently into purging (my babies are 18 and 22). Perchance I run across some of those hundreds of Pokemon cards they had, do you think Havoc might like some older, used cards to show up in the mail?

Ruth said...

Happy birthday to young Master Havoc.

Comfy Mom said...

He would be thrilled!

Helena said...

Happy Birthday to Havoc! He was (and is!) such a cute little guy.

Rinda1961 said...

What a wonderful post! It's so fun to look back, isn't it?

Notblessedmama said...

dropping by from SITS- my son is 9 and has that same skull shirt. isn't it ridiculous how fast they grow up!

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday to him! Sweet post!

Twin mom from Canada said...

OHHHHHHH! You''re little man is so cute - and now he really IS a (not so) little man - wow - 8 years old!!! It must be so bitter/ sweet for you :( My little guy is only 9 months, but when I look back to when he was only 9 days my heart melts thinking that I will never get that time back.... I know.... I am too "mushy" :(
Congratulations on 2 beautiful boys. I am stopping by from SITS to say hi:)

Andrea Chamberlain said...

Awwww - happy birthday to your little guy, who's not so little anymore!

(I absolutely adore the photo of him sitting as a baby on someone's lap with those glasses staring straight at the camera - how stinkin' cute is he?)

humel said...

Belated birthday wishes from me, too! xx