Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The week is off to a rousing start

Where to begin…?

I’ll pick Saturday afternoon. It’s as good a place as any.

Saturday afternoon DH took the kids in town to see the airshow & pick up stuff for the sleepover camp out we were having as Havoc’s birthday party.

They left around 1.

I had a slight cough.

They returned about 4:30.

I was in bed with a heating pad & steamer dealing with a body that was trying to remove my lungs & tonsils by coughing them out.

The sleepover boys arrived at 6. I hauled myself out of bed long enough to put frozen pizzas in the oven and help DH set up the tent.

There after I made random appearances throughout the evening whenever the coughing slowed down, leaving everything in DH’s hands.

For which I apologized profusely and hoarsely .

At some point I lost a filling that had been loose for ages.

That’s $125 I hadn’t planned on spending.

Sunday I slept until noon. If you can call dozing between bouts of long jagged coughing fits sleeping.

The guests were gone by then and Havoc had a huge rash on the right side of his face. He claimed not to have fallen in the wood or had and leaves brush against his face and he had gone all summer without a single incident of poison ivy so my thought was “new washing detergent used on the sleeping bags” and I gave him some Benedryl.

I spent the day steaming & warming my tight congested lungs in bed, randomly getting up to get the boys things or play a bit.  Havoc’s rash cleared up some.

Monday morning Havoc’s eye was red & swollen all around it & the rash was still there & starting to look poison ivy ish. So we made a doctor’s appointment. We go to a family practice & all see all the docs so I was hoping the doc would see & hear me trying to hack up a lung and maybe offer some meds to me as well.

Nah. The doc we got this time doesn’t know me as well as some of them so I didn’t ask but she did say it was going around and I might want to get some Mucinex or other expectorant and & get plenty of rest. Come back & see her if it’s still bad Friday.

Havoc does have poison ivy but is not contagious and can return to school. A prescription was called into the pharmacy. I took Havoc back to school and…

locked my keys in my car.

So I had to call DH, who by the way, was getting a new boss this day.

And had two servers down & couldn’t figure out why

And got to tell his new boss:

Hey, nice to meet you, we’ve got a couple problems, I’ve got a guy on it but I have to drive a half hour south of here and bring my wife her spare keys, after I go by the house and get them. Be back in about oh…90 minutes or so. k?

Only redeeming feature of it was that it was noon and technically he was on his way to lunch when I called.

Then I came home to discover that the load of ‘dry’ clothes in the dryer I had been neglecting all weekend, were not in fact dry at all. Either I never turned the dryer on Saturday morning or it shut off early when someone bumped the door. Now all the clothes smelled funny and needed rewashing.

Yay me.


Scrapdreams said...

Oh Stacey - I know how weekends like that feel! Be kind and gentle with yourself and get better!

Sara Strand said...

This is like the time I locked my 2 year old son AND the keys in the car. After locking my house. I had to leave him, alone, in the car while I ran to my mom's house which is 6 blocks (one way) away. I got the keys and ran like the wind back (in heels) to find Jackson having a fabulous time tearing up the inside of the car. Fun times.

SciFi Dad said...

Jeez... that was almost biblical.

Cindy Carlson said...

Ah, been there. As Marvin would say, "Life. Don't talk to me about life." Hope it gets better for you soon.

Helena said...

It can only go up from here...right?

Beverly said...

oh, I do hope you are feeling better and that this week is much better!

Lizziemade said...

Oooohh Pooooor Stacey - what a weekend! The cough / cold sounds truly dreadful on its own, without all that other stuff. You have my sincere sympathy... I hope Havoc's face is better now and that your cough has started to improve and go away. But Friday is a long time to go on if you're still that unwell today - I'd go to the dr again tomorrow if you're still poorly. Do you have asthma? (or am I muddling you with another blog friend?) - you might need extra inhalers if you do...
It makes my yukky cold seem like nothing at all. I've spent the day in bed, hot and snotty, but feeling a fair bit better this evening... DH has been home this week, having a break between contracts; he makes a pretty good nurse, ably assisted by Sherlock the cat!
I hope you are soon much better. Take care of that cold! XX

humel said...

Oh, no.... I hope the health issues are OK now and that your week improves in leaps and bounds xx

Ruth said...

I'm sending you a cyber hug! Take good care of yourself.

Carrie said...

Oh boy - hope you feel better soon! Also have done both of those things too, the keys & the drier - just one thing after the next sometimes!

Andrea Chamberlain said...

OMG - that just ... well, it's just a total suckfest. I'm sorry. At least your husband came to help you. Mine would have tried to give me a detailed explanation of how to hot wire the car, if only just to hear himself talk.

Mama Mary said...

So sorry you were so sick! It always seems like when I'm sick all the other stuff happens too. I locked myself out of the house last week, for the second time! I've got issues. Hope you're feeling better now! : )