Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The 2010 photo book!

It arrived Friday


but before I talk about the awesome-ness of the book I have to share the story of it’s delivery.

Yes, a book birth story as it were.

I ordered this book from Blurb, as I did both my previous 365 books. Blurb ships FedEx now, which I failed to pay attention to in my excitement at ordering the book.

FedEx has, 9 times out of 10, had ‘issues’ delivering things to me. Granted, about half the time it is weather related. Like before Xmas when it took them 6 BUSINESS DAYS to take a package the 50 miles from their distribution center to my home. It kept going out on the truck but just not making it to my house until I finally made such a pest of myself they sent some guy out at 5pm to make the hour long drive. (I’m sure FedEx and the tech support folks at my ISP would have *lots* to talk about over drinks. I’m civil but I am insistent). Yes there had been a major snowstorm, but a FULL WEEK earlier & that package was at my ‘local’ distribution center when it started so don’t give me ‘we have a backlog to deliver’ BS. My package was part of the original backlog. And UPS was there the day AFTER the snow with my stuff. Hell, USPS was there too.

Anyway…I try not to end up with FedEx for my deliveries.

So when the ‘we shipped your book’ email from Blurb arrived with the FedEX tracking number I knew there would be problems. And snow was predicted. And my heart sank.

Delivery was supposed to be for Thursday but it snowed & there was no package, so I assumed it would be this week before the book showed up.

But NO!

Friday afternoon, as I am heading out to the kids’ school to take Mayhem’s class cupcakes (which should have been Wednesday but school closed early due to impending snow) I see this at the end of the driveway


Yes, that is my package. Yes, they tied it to a TREE branch by the road & just left it there for anyone to drive by & steal. Apparently my driveway was ‘snowed in’ (I called customer service to complain Saturday) and yet, there I was in in a mini van without snow tires, studs or all wheel drive, getting in and out of it.

My snowed in driveway


A Kia could manage that driveway!

But I did get the book before anyone thought to steal it, so that’s good.

It’s really nice too. I am delighted by it & so happy I went with the 12x12 size this time. Seeing everything full sized is awesome!

Wonderful clear colors


nice tight binding


great quality paper


no weird cropping of my pages


It’s kinda skinny though


I expected 80 pages to be…thicker.


But that’s due to me being spatially challenged. I can never tell how big anything will be.

I’m very pleased with it


And do you what else? I ordered something from another company that ended up going Fed Ex and surprisingly was delivered on Saturday.

And they did it AGAIN!


This time I wasn’t even expecting a package & only learned of it’s existence because one of my neighbors saw it when they drove by and called to tell me something was tied to my pine tree by the road.

That’s when I called FedEx customer service.

Seriously people. Packages tied to a tree. I suppose I should be glad they didn’t just keep them & say they were undeliverable.


Ruth said...

Just as well you have a tree! Great looking book.

SciFi Dad said...

That's ridiculous. Tied to a tree?!?

Losingbrownies said...

What kind of crappy service is that! That is just lazy.

Amanda said...

That book looks awesome. Your FedEx guy sounds like a lazy bum, seriously, tied to a tree I would be livid!!

Ptooie said...

I wonder what's up with FedEx... I finally called to gripe because without fail, every single package delivered to us has a "we dropped off your package" post-it note stuck... ON THE BOX THEY DROPPED OFF. The customer service lady fully understood my stance of 'what good does this do if somebody takes the package they're getting the note too!'
I am sort of impressed they bothered to tie yours to the tree, had they left it on the ground it would've been hard to see (plus water-logged).

Priscilla Hedlin said...

One of these days I may actually follow through with a 365. So far I have not. I am doing a challenge 52 though :)

Anonymous said...


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The Giveaway Queen said...

Really...to the tree?! At least it arrived! We have all of our problems with UPS...they always deliver our packages to the people across the street.

Great looking book!


scrapchick said...

Love the book! How cool! Glad it wasn't damaged! I can't believe 2 packages tied to a tree - that's crazy!

Rinda1961 said...

Love the book; Love UPS; hate fedex!

Carol Anne said...

I love your book! What a great idea.

I have the same problem with the post office. They won't come to the door with deliveries so they leave boxes sitting on our driveway for anyone to see or steal.

Marie said...

I agree - Love the book, love UPS, and ABSOLUTELY HATE FEDEX!!! The ones around here are lazy bums also, along with being a bit numb in the brains department. I avoid FedEx deliveries like the bubonic plague!

Andrea @ The Creative Junkie said...

That book looks awesome! Good to know that Blurb has great quality - I was wondering because their prices seem *too* good to be true. I'm years behind in my digi scrapping and I'm wondering if I'm going to do books or albums.

I seriously cannot believe they tied it to a freaking tree - somebody's balls would be hanging right beside it had that been my book. Holy crap.

humel said...

I love your book! I got my Project 365: 2010 book this week (not from Blurb, and not with FedEx). Tying stuff to a tree is a novel way of 'delivering' packages, definitely....