Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekly Winners–salvage yard edition

We are planning on building a mud room off our porch this spring & we’re really really cheap. So we went to a local salvage yard to see what sort of used windows we could find.

I love salvage yards! They are stuffed with such random stuff.

And I get to play with gritty, faded, nostalgia-y effects.

There are plenty of windows, some of which have whole panes of glass.


There were rusty old sleds


An ancient washing machine, with mangle


some tractors




A graveyard of toilets


and this totally random box of old record albums in among the cabinet doors.


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Lizziemade said...

Oooh, that looks like a very exciting place, Stacey! I would like to visit there... we have "reclamation yards" here in the UK. They tend to have stuff like old Victorian window frames/ doors/ dado rails etc, ancient baths and basins, ironwork and sculpture, old stone and brick items - and old bricks too. I dont know if you can get things like modern windows, old tractors, sleds, washers with mangles... so cool!
I love what you've done with the photo edits - it makes it all look so much more than "old junk"!

Michelle_Steiner said...

you shop like we do! We will also be doing a mud room this spring. Taking our current side porch down, expanding it, and closing it in. We will then more our washer / dryer out there, along with our water heater, dog kennel, and open up the kitchen and bathroom a bit more.

Tara R. said...

These shots are incredible. Makes me want to go hunt for a salvage yard.

Donna said...

What a great series! I need to find a local salvage yard. Lot's of treasures to be found!

stacy (the aunt with gum) said...

What great finds! The 2nd tractor is my favorite of the bunch: a great vintage look!

SarahCB1208 said...

Oh, this makes me want to go visit a salvage yard, JUST to take pictures!
Great shots!

Terrie said...

love those windows!

Denise said...

I had never heard of a mud room until we moved into the house we are in now... and our landlord kept calling this little room that. I thought it was something she made up! LOL! Now I know better!!!

LOVE that old tractor. I have a soft spot for those, I guess. But, places like that are SO COOL. Such fun finds everywhere! Great shots.