Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Meanderings

The tower?


Still up, but preparations for the replacement pole installation have begun.

I’m considering sabotaging it during the night. I think God is inspiring me to do so.

Friday I had to make a trip to Target to get the boys more underwear & socks. They wear the same size socks & underwear. I don’t mind them pulling socks from a pile at random but the idea of interchangeable underwear bothers me.

So I made an executive decision without consulting the minions.

As of now & for as long as I am responsible for the purchasing & washing of their underwear - Havoc wears briefs and Mayhem wears boxer briefs. Their wives and/or girlfriends can make whatever changes they wish once they take over those responsibilities.

Saturday we received a state refund check for $258!


Sunday the water heater died and will cost $252 to replace


Also Saturday we made a trip to a local salvage/junk yard. Some photos are on my previous post. We’re building a mud room. (No really, we are. I know I said the same thing this time last year, but we really mean it this time. Probably. We looked for cheap windows & doors, which is further that we got last year). We went to check out their reclaimed windows, of which there were hundreds, many of which still had glass in them.

It’s a post of it’s own.

So is the wind


Sunday was beautiful & about 60 degrees out so we cleaned up the mess in the photo & then I pruned 90% of the forsythia bushes & DH & I spent awhile discussing our various projects, which are the same as the various projects from last year since nothing was done on any of them then. Some of them have been projects since 2002, like the garage, which is still just a parking area. We’ve been talking about concrete or pavers in the pool area, which is currently sand & gravel, since 2006. Then there is the boys ‘fort’ to be build on top of the small shed, on the drawing board since 2008 and the most recent mud room project, in line since 2010 and most likely to be finished this year, if anything at all is.

I *really* want a mud room.

Enclosed storage. A place for all the random weather related crap. A place for the muddy, snowy, wet shoes to go besides my lovely (& sucks to clean) slate floor. (if DH had to get on his hands & knees to clean that slate we’d’ve had a mud room built when the flooring was installed I bet). A stop to the draft under the French doors. Screened window so I can get rid of the siding door screens, which I loath & the cats & dog shred.

I *REALLY* want that mud room.

How was your weekend?


SciFi Dad said...

I, too, would like a mudroom, and I don't even clean the floors at my house (the floor fairy, who I think is related to the laundry fairy, takes care of that).

Kai said...

It is SUCH a relief to know that others out there have the same "issue" with ongoing projects from year to year with little to no progress. DH and I have so many things we want to do, but ... a year passes (or more) and it's no further started than when we first discussed it! I keep hoping...

Alexis Aragona said...

Oh boo about your water heater! :( I'll shock you, but we don't have one--it's kinda moot (except from nov-jan) since I live in a tropical country.

YAY for executive decisions, even if it is just about underwear. Hey, that is a serious topic! :)

LosingBrownies said...

Boo for the water heater breaking!