Thursday, February 24, 2011

Searching for me

I cannot remember the last time I did a post about search queries. Probably the last time I bothered to look at my analytics & since I only seem to do that in months with a F in them, it’s been almost a year at least.

This blogging class I am taking has you look at your analytics rather more often than I am accustomed to doing.

My queries are not really all that interesting, which might be why I rarely do these sort of posts. If I had queries like “Sewing head of llama to lampshade” or “samba pickles chainsaw” like I ran across for others, I would do this much more often.

52% of all queries are for just havoc

18% are for stacey havoc

Most of the rest are from perverts, with sex naked nude being added to various spellings and combinations of stacey havoc and mayhem. Those queries all show 00:00:00 time spent on the site, so I’m hoping they knew I wasn’t what they were looking for & didn’t visit.

But there were a few interesting non-perverted query strings

"where did all the dip go" – Well, if it is evil dip, then I probably ate it

candy wrapper – I’ve got nothing on this one.

chalkboard paint bathroom – a project by Martha

crochet cone pattern – I did make a crochet traffic cone

how to determine if technology is for me – I’m no help with this at all

i lost my pants and i cant find it – I have this problem every fall myself. They are in a box, under something in a closet. Trust me.

and lastly

loud pad wrappers – which is the topic of one of my favorite posts

Anything interesting in your analytics lately?


Tower Update: God-5  ISP-0. But they are still planning on trying again. That tower needs to be someplace else by Monday, they tell me.

I think God feels otherwise.

If you should see news stories featuring a nut job screaming “GOD WILL PUNISH YOU FOR THIS!” while chasing a bucket truck down the road, you know what happened.


Kai said...

The visual of you chasing after a bucket truck, throwing a bible and shouting "God will punish you!" at the tower thieves makes me laugh out loud every. single. time. :) I hope, for your sake, God keeps winning. I like looking at my analytics search terms too, although none quite so colorful as some of yours! :) Have a happy day!

scrapchick said...

lol, I'll say "I read her blog!"

Michelle said...

I guess I need to check my analytics, haven't done that in a while.

Lizziemade said...

Well, for a self-confessed "heck no techno", you have one up on me - I don't even know How to check my analytics! Maybe someone might run an easy peasy post for "lapsed IT Geeks" like me, to explain how to do this...At least I know what "analytics" are I suppose!

Love the image of you chasing the truck down the road, howling curses... Good for God - he should keep up the good work on this one!

SciFi Dad said...

That pants one was good.

This post reminds me that I'm due for one of these myself.

Comfy Mom said...

Its or I think. or you could google "Google analytics" and it brings you where you need to be. It's rather interesting stuff sometimes

Comfy Mom said...

They were supposed to take the tower today but 32mph winds prevented them yet again.

Comfy Mom said...

I'll try to get a plug in for my blog if the news crews show up