Friday, July 15, 2011


I’ve mentioned my dog Houndini before.


The one who cannot be contained? Who will go over, under, around & through fences. Who must be hiding opposable thumbs because she can get out of her harness on a lead. No kennel has been built that can contain this dog.


Turns out she is not alone in this trait.

This is the chicken yard


It’s 100 feet in circumference and about 4 feet high.

Made of chicken wire.


These are chickens behind the fence


and then there is this guy


Just out for a stroll


and eluding capture


This is the second time today he has had to catch an escaped chicken


I  don’t know what I am going to do when he goes back to school & a chicken escapes.

I’ve tried. I have a hell of a time catching them, even inside the fence.

We think they are flying over the fence; that they have enough space to get a good running start. There are no gaps for them to fit through.

Unlike the cats & Houndini the chickens can’t collapse their ribcages to paper thinness.

Chickens are flock animals & they like to be together so we aren’t worried about them getting lost. The escapee is never more than 10 feet from the fence. 

And Houndini guards them if she is around. She lays down & sort of corrals them until someone comes.

The cats are afraid of the chickens, though they will watch them intently.

So we’re thinking of doing away with the fence & having free roaming chickens

I think there are to many free roaming dogs in the area for that to last though.

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Andrea @ The Creative Junkie said...

I just caught Oliver trying to escape through our wrought iron fence around our pool. I've been wondering how long it would be before he figured out that he could smoosh his 7 pound body through the slats. I caught him by his hind legs and had to drag him back through the fence, the little stinker.