Monday, July 18, 2011

the weekend


Mayhem finally learned to ride a two wheeler.

And naturally all I had was my cell phone with me & then I uploaded the photo to facebook & then had to download it to my computer so I can then reload it on this blog.

Havoc got a new bike Friday night.

So Mayhem got his old bike.

It took DH a couple hours to find the hardware to re-install the training wheels & 10 minutes later one of the wheels broke.

I told Mayhem it was a sign from the Divine that it is time put aside training wheels and learn to ride a two wheeler.

It took him a couple days but he was motivated.

DH & the boys went to the lumber yard & bought some wood Saturday. DH laid some of it out where the walls for the mud room will go so we can make any adjustments we want done now.


First thing I did was add 2 feet to the overall length because we’d been miscommunicating on where the wall would end. The doors will be at either end, where the grass seed bag and the green loaders are located. The front will be a wall of windows.  

Building the mud room means a few more changes that will happen in the spring. 


As it is now, if you go out the far door you turn left into the pool & it’s awkward with the railroad ties. So the pool needs to move a bit.

The swing set is coming down, wood to be reused in the clubhouse that will be built next fall (hopefully) The deck will be moved over where the swing set is to take advantage of the afternoon shade. The gravel area will be dug out and concrete will be poured. The pool will be moved to the far left corner when it is set up.  When it isn’t we’ll have a nice patio extension for bikes & skates & someday no doubt basketball.

At least, that is the plan for now.

And I might as well admit that there is still no start date set for building the mud room.

We’ve decided to hold off the refi until the mud room has been built rather than risk waiting until November due to someone else’s action (we already risk it taking that long due to our own inaction). Better to just build it & then get the house appraised.

Somehow I doubt a $1500 mudroom is going to add any value to the property.

Lets just hope it doesn’t detract.


SFD said...

FYI - blogger mobile + Disqus no worky.

Yay Mayhem! That's awesome.

alison290 said...

Well done Mayhem! And well done to you for cracking on with your plan's....your pics made me smile -that's how DH plans things too, just so that I can 'see' what he means!
Alison xx

Andrea @ The Creative Junkie said...

I haven't been around here in a while so I had no idea you were doing some remodeling. God, I would love a mud room. Our mudroom is a 4x4 foot area outside our laundry room. throw in 3,000 shoes and some backpacks and it spontaneously becomes a closet.