Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordy Wednesday


Nov 2006 at the park.

Please note the old school metal whirly gig.

I & my friends played on one as a child.

The unbalanced, dangerous, OMG somebody could get hurt!, metal whirly gig, with the dirt underneath.

The sort of thing all responsible parks have long since removed from their play areas for fear of a lawsuit when some kid lets go while spinning, as kids do, and flies off landing in the hard packed dirt breaking a collar bone. Or when some kid gets kicked in the face by standing too close while other spin while sticking their legs over the sides. As kids do.

And it’s RUSTY!

Tetanus as well as broken bones & missing teeth!

My kids love it!  It was the only thing they ever wanted to ride on at this park.

“We go to lake park and do spinny thing?” they would ask.

The other park does not have one.  The other park is not nearly as much fun.

My friends and I always assumed it would be removed at some point & when we heard that an all new play area was being built at the park in 2010 we figured that was it for the rusty old whirly gig. It would go as the new stuff came in.

This photo is from Mar 2011


They painted it to match the new play area, but left it be.


LosingBrownies said...

I love those things!! I remember sitting on them and locking arms with my friends as our of our dads would spin us around until we were dizzy!

alison290 said...

I love them great you have a park that still has one!
Alison xx

Darcy@SomewhatMuddledMusings said...

Those were the greatest fun, but I'm really surprised they left it in. They're just looking at a lawsuit at some point :(  (sadly)