Monday, July 25, 2011

poor timing

Our a/c started acting up very early Saturday morning. I woke up about 4am to a warm breeze, where once there had been a cold  one.

Naturally we waited until about 8am to check it out. There is nothing anyone can do at 4am except frustrate themselves.

The thermostat was flashing all it’s warning lights.


It was saying


So we turned it off & pulled out the filter.

We pull out the filter so we can feel we are being proactive and doing something about the problem, not because we think the filter *is* the problem, it’s just the only bit we know we can safely muck about with in the whole unit.

The filter was filthy & neither of us could remember when we last cleaned it.

But it was 102 outside & the thought of standing out there vacuuming the filter off did not appeal. So we put it back & turned the a/c back on.

It ran until about 8pm when once again it went warm and flashing.


This time we turned it off & on again but left the filter out.

And it ran until about 2am when it went warm & flashing.


I’ve discovered that my new sleep habits are reliant on temperature. I did not sleep at all that night. It was too warm.

Not to mention the humidity.

Without a/c it’s like living in an unairconditioned basement, no matter how many fans we turn on. Mold, mildew & mushrooms start forming within hours.

Sunday morning DH vacuumed the filter & hit it with the air gun to get the last of the dust out, put it back in place, waited another hour for everything to ‘settle’ & then turned the a/c back on.

It stayed on until 7pm.

We reset it at 11pm and it was still running this morning.

Like it was all “I don’t know what you’re talking about. There is nothing wrong with me.”

The HVAC company is an hour away. It’s not a normal heating/cooling system. It’s a *special* heating/cooling system.  It’s a geothermal heat pump. And they are the only company that can cope with it.

Of course.

DH is trying get in touch with them this morning to set up an appointment.


At least it’s supposed to be cooler the  next few days


Lizziemade said...

Bwah... hot and humid is no fun! I hope youre AC is still behaving.  "Stay cool"!

alison290 said...

Hope the AC is behaving now!
Alison xx

Debs said...

It's hard for us Brits to appreciate just how much you guys rely on your air conditioning!  Over here an open window will suffice!  Hope it manages to keep behaving itself until you get an 'expert' out there to look at it.

Comfy Mom said...

We get temps in the 90s about 2 months out of the year & in the 80s for another month or more with high humidity. so the a/c is a regular thing. I love the days in the spring & fall when I can just open windows!

Comfy Mom said...

Its been off & on since Saturday but the a/c guy just left & it's fixed now. Yay!

StephLove said...

Even though we only have a/c in the bedrooms, we'd be in trouble if it quit on us these days. Most days are in the 90s but every now and then it spikes into the 100s and it's miserably humid.