Thursday, July 14, 2011

*sniff* they grow up so fast

My little babies have EMAIL!!!


Mostly I am crying because I had to add two more email addys to my already chock full of email addys Windows Mail program.

Some days it take more than 5 minutes just for the retrieval to access all the accounts.

It’s not like I am going to let *them* access their email.

Oh hells to the no on that.

Someday they can access their own email, perhaps as a going off to college present.

They play some different online games – physics games, atv games & clone wars adventures – and I don’t want my email addys dealing with that stuff.

Plus it plays merry hell with logins when I can’t remember what email I used where & they end up whining “but havocandmayhem at gmail isn’t woooorrrrrrrkiiiiiiinnnnngggg”

and that is because I used stacey at havocandmayhem but failed to note it anywhere.

I get something like 200 accounts with my domain (geez!) so I spent an hour or so trying to figure out where to access these accounts with my domain & then how to add a user & then how to activate the user & then set up the users email & then how to get that email into my Windows Mail client.

While Havoc nagged at me to set up his Clone Wars account & Mayhem whined that everything on his computer needed plug ins but he’s not allowed to accept anything & can I come & allow them.

See, Mayhem got a new to him computer last night.

Both boys have been sharing a new to them computer since Christmas but since it was on Havoc’s desk it was considered Havoc’s computer.

Mayhem nagged us into setting him up a desk last month & ever since then has sat at it every day talking about how “when I get my computer…etc” and I’ve tried to get him to understand a new computer might happen at Xmas should the grandparents be willing to share the cost. (Santa has a limited budget, what with having to buy toys for every kid in the world. A $400 laptop is not in Santa’s budget)

DH decided to see what he could do about getting something working for Mayhem. We my two old laptops, plus my folks old laptop & DH’s ancient old laptop, none of which work alone. Havoc’s is parts & pieces added into an old laptop we got somewhere. Mayhem’s is now the same.

All of these laptops are Dells.

Just sayin’

So now both boys are running laptops as old as they are with Win XP & virus software on them. They both have various security on them, which is why Mayhem can’t download anything without my help.


I was 23 before I had my first computer.  Granted it was a 286 with like 10MB as a hard drive & didn’t even run Win 3.1,but still….

And you do not want to experience the drag on the bandwidth when there are 3-4 people all on the internet at once in our house.


JulieJ said...

Look on the bright side.  You can invite them both to join Photobox and get 40 free free prints for them (which you use because they can't access) and 40 for you, so that's 160 free prints.  Could keep you busy crafting for a while.

Rinda1961 said...

their computers are clones!
My kids get computers, email accounts and facebook when they start high school. DD (going into 8th grade) whines that she's the last one in the world . . . but it seems right to me.

SFD said...

Ours are still too young for their own PC; we have an old desktop that sits mostly idle because they only want to use a touchscreen.