Friday, April 28, 2006

I believe...

...if these boys don't nap soon I am going to start pulling my hair out
...this is possibly the longest I have gone without creating a layout since I discovered digi scrapping in Aug 05
...there is a Higher power & many ways to connect with it
...that we are going to have a great Beltaine ritual & party on Sunday
...that little boys can be just as cuddly as little girls
...they are probably stickier than girls though
...Kerry wouldn't be doing much better of a job if he'd won (I voted Libertarian)
...our county administrators are a bunch of self-serving idiots, by & large, who are afraid to make any actual decisions because it might make a few people upset with them. Everything has been refered for 'study' AGAIN. I don't care if they decide the opposite of what I want, just DECIDE ALREADY!! kitchen floor really needs scrubbed & my carpets shampooed
...that I will do cross stitch this evening instead of cleaning floors
...I am not going to get much sleep tonight with DH being gone camping
...that I deserve a couple nights alone away from home too
...I will make reservations at the Marriott an hour away for next month
...I am procrastinating finishing those last 4 pages of my mini album


Glynis said...

Mom's ALWAYS deserve nights away from home too! Great list, Stacey!

Bethy said...

Love these!
You SOOO made me smile and since my kids are napping RIGHT now, I can really appreciate it!!

Meg said...

LOL!! Great list! A couple days away? Alone? Wow, what a thought! And boys are absolutely as cuddly as girls, sometimes more so!