Saturday, April 29, 2006

The secret of getting there is knowing where to start

I've known since April 1 that I had to have that mini album done by the 30th. I started working on it when? The 26th? Starting is very often my problem. I nearly always plan to start something 'later'. I'll even give a specific date sometimes. "I'll start that diet Monday." "I'll start that new budget on payday." and I usually do start when I say I will. I just rarely start something right away.

I suppose I do need to figure out when to start the carpet cleaning or it will never get clean.

I had about 3 hours of sleep last night. Mayhem came in the room about 2:45a and was restless until almost 5:30a,when he finally fell asleep hogging almost half the bed (which is amazing considering he is 2 and not even 3 feet tall). Havoc came in about 4:45a and never really settled down to sleep again. He just played until I told him to go in the living room around 6am. Then he popped in and out of the bedroom every 20 minutes or so to tell me what was on TV. He finally woke Mayhem up about 7am & they both demanded breakfast. Mommy was NOT happy for a long time this morning. Coffee & cinanmon rolls helped eventually.

I want to go out to dinner tonight but DH will be getting home around 5 and I doubt he will be in the mood to go anyplace. Maybe I will go out to dinner all by myself. I haven't done that in ages. But then I can't have a margarita...


Meg said...

lol, oh Stacey! Have you read my blog today? I soooooo feel your pain and your grumpiness! I just tried to take a nap to recover and Emma came in and poked me in the back of the head until I woke up!

We need to meet and have a margarita, I could use one too!

Bethy said...

Dinner by myself sounds divine!

Wished you lived closer and I would join you for that margarita!!

You and I have both struggled with sleep issues and a night out, sometimes, makes ALL the difference. You need some margarita mix at home so you can help yourself at any time!!!

loonyhiker said...

I hope you got some rest today (maybe they needed a nap?). Now I'm curious...did you go out to dinner with dh or by yourself? Sometimes it is good to have time alone so you can regroup and refresh. Hope you had a good day.