Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Menu for the next 2 weeks

Chicken strips - homemade w/ginger soy glaze
Steak & spinich salad
Mini meatloaf (w/extras for ST's family on monday)
Pasta w/meatballs (leftover meatloaf)
Shrimp Toast (maybe)
Grilled Polenta w/salad
Sweet potato & chicken salad
Baked salmon
Roast Chicken
meatball soup

We'll probably cookout one Sunday & go out to eat on Saturdays. DH won't be home for dinner tonight, so I think we will have the leftover santa fe chicken couscous chopped up into chicken patties, breaded & pan fried. I'll add some spinich to it.

i have to plan the 2 week menu. Otherwise I spend way too much at the grocery store & end up wasting leftovers. It's really helped my budget & we eat better meals now. Before we had kids I was always planning dinner. It was a big deal for me. I'd ask DH at 10am what he wanted for dinner. After DS1 was born I had less tiem to cook. After DS2, and I was sick for so long, I just cooked at random. We ate a lot of crap & our grocery bill was out of control. I started doing this about a year ago, just for 4 meals a week. This year I am up to 6, though I don't always stick to it. The braciole, roast chicken & meatball soup are from the last 2 week menu. I bought the ingredients but never made the meals. Fortunately it all went in the freezer.


Meg said...

You have such a talent! I wish I were this organized, especially with using leftovers. And putting the spinich into the chicken patties is great, perfect for picky eaters like mine. Thanks for the great ideas!

---sharia--- said...

I am amazed at you. I should be so good as to plan out meals...everytime dh says "whats for dinner?" I'm like - "i don't know" How lame is that...

carla said...

This is amazing! I use to plan a weekly menu when my son was little, but now with him, wifey, and two grand kids in the house, I just don't have the energy!!! Good for you my friend and BTW...it all sounds wonderful! What time do we eat?