Monday, April 24, 2006


I have 3 cats. 2 of them are 13 years old and one is 10. One of them, not sure who, has decided that my bathmat & the towel hamper are their litter box. Needless to say, I have been *very* unhappy with the cats. The 2 olders ones are the prime suspects as they have done it before with other objects in the house. If the little has done it, I have never caught her at it. They have just been to the vet so I know nothing physical is wrong with them. There is no way to totally wash out cat urine, so cats can't smell it, so I have thrown out the hamper & the bathmat. This makes 5 bathmats in less than 2 years, in just my bathroom. I've tossed at least one in the main bathroom as well. A couple of times they did get shut in there by a toddler so I view it as an accident but this time I *know* the door was open because I've started propping it open. The vet says it may be psychological & if it becaomes a constant problem there is feline prozac available. One of them already takes thyroid meds. I don't think it is financially possible for us to put 2 cats on prozac. They are indoor/outdoor cats & now that it is warm again Ithink maybe they will just spend more time outdoors.

I haven't scrapped in 10 days. I want to scrap, but I am not feeling inspired at the moment. I've got a bunch of sketches & layout for lifiting & several interest me but none of my photos are saying "pick me! pick me!" So I have been playing with my camera. Its an Olympus Camedia5000 Zoom. I've had it for a year now. I just discovered how I can control the f stop & ISO. I didn't think I had that much adjustment ability.

It was my idea to square off & widen the area where our ring pool sits. So it is me who has to dig out the trench for the new edging (more railroad ties). Then I get to rake around the sand already ther & level it for the new pebbles we are going to use. The cats use the sand as a litterbox outside so something else needs to be used. Apparently they find the pebbles uncomfortable. Then I have to dig the trench for new edge of the yard/parking area. So it will be me, a pick axe and a shovel this week at naptime.

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