Saturday, April 22, 2006

random stuff

I've got the non-disc reading DVD drive swapped out with my old CD recordable drive. It's reading the discs & copying them at 8x on average. Which means the problem is my DVD-RW drive & not iTunes. I was hoping it was iTunes because it's free. I just got that DVD-RW in December, putting it a month out of warranty. I also have the cover off the PC at the moment so possibly the problem is that things were getting overheated. I suppose I should try copying things with the DVD-RW & see. But 4:50 from Paddington I think is the last one that will fit on the DVD, with everything copied & converted so far. I'll have to test it again & see.

DH's truck won't start. We have no clue why. Not good. I set the oven on fire this morning while preheating if for cinnamon rolls. Probably grease from the mini meatloaves on Thursday. However the oven has been having heating issues. Not good either. I have it running the self-clean cycle now.

I'm really getting tired of a message board I have been on for lo, these many years now. Most of the time it is a great site & I am quite fond of a chunk of the people on it. But it has these cycles of arguments where certain people seem determined to prove they are the biggest jerk on the board (or, in their terms, they are right and they can be as offensive about it as they want because they are being *real* & the board is all abut being *real*). Actually the board is about open exchange of ideas. You can make your point without being nasty, but that does require you use you brain. So much easier just to get snarky & jump people. These cycles irritate me for a variety of reasons, mostly because it is the same people trying to prove themselves the toughest, baddest member of the board. It's somewhat intimidating the first time you read it but so incredibly predictable & pathetic the 386th time you ready it. I keep thinking it is time to move on. These cycles come more & more frequently lately. But i continue to hang, partly because of the people & partly because I have been there for so long. Habit I suppose.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles. I'm have my fair share of issues so I can relate. Deep breath and look at the good things around you, it will definately help you carry on.

(from wolfsub)