Monday, August 21, 2006

2 week menu

DS1 starts school Thursday. His school is 40 minutes in the opposite direction from the grocery store, so it is important I get back on the ball with the menus. Groceries now require more effort & planning. I got 365 No Repeats by Rachel Ray recently & am going to try out a couple new recipes from it.

Broiled salmon with cousous
salmon cakes or fish sticks
pasta to be determined
veggie soup & sandwiches
Scotch eggs & spinich salad
calzone/deep dish pizza or PapaJohns
Squash mac & cheese (365 No Repeats)
braciole with 'oven fried' zucchini
apple cider chicken (365 No Repeats)
Chicken salad
meatloaf w/hidden veggies
Turkey roll ups (365 No Repeats)

I've been going through my pantry to make my grocery list & have discovered that I need to keep up with rotating my stock. I am making veggie noodle soup for dinner (not on the menu) & need 2 cans of broth for that. I grabbed 2 from the shelf & then as I was opening them I glanced at their 'use by' dates. One was Feb 2007, the other was Sept 05. The other cans are all still good, so I assume that one got overlooked. I've had that problem with Couscous & flavored rice sides lately too. Everything seems to have expired in mid 2005 and I never noticed. I guess I must have stopped rotating things around then & just put the new purchases in front. Makes me wonder how old the cans of beans & tomatoes are. They don't have dates on them. I buy them sporadically so I can't say if they have been there for 3 months or over a year.


Tink said...

You're bad. But then so am I. I need to trash all my spices and start over. I found one bottle of spice from 1990.

heather said...

LOL sometimes it's better not to look in the back of the pantry!!

loonyhiker said...

I just cleaned out my pantry a few weeks ago and donated 6 bags of canned goods to the emergency relief center! Your apple cider chicken sounds interesting and I'm curious about the meatloaf with hidden veggies.

---sharia--- said...

I don't buy enough at one time or store enough at one time to have that problem Stacey. Of course, the problem I do have is spending too much money on spotty trips to the grocer.