Monday, August 07, 2006

meet the in laws

I met my future MIL about a month after I started dating her son. His family was having a 4th of July party & he brought me with him. (He needed a ride) My first impression of them, remained a lasting one. They were *loud*. He has 3 older siblings, all were married & had 5 kids between them. It was a lot more people than I was used to at a family gathering. They were nice, a little distant & a bit tactless, but decent people. I liked them on our first meeting & they seemed to like me. I was just DH's latest girlfriend, not that he had had a bunch but no one attached any significance to my being there. I liked his mom. She was a very nice, down to earth person, who chain smoked & drank endless cups of coffee. It was a nice time

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Tink said...

What is it about big families and loud? I guess you have to be to be heard, lol. Pan has 4 older siblings, most of whom had children as well. So I understand how you felt.