Wednesday, August 09, 2006


When I have been sick or just through an operation the one thing I need to do to help me feeling I am healing is take a shower. I need to wash away the illness, the hospital scent, the 'icky' aura that lingers around me. That was really the hardest part of my c-section. They wouldn't let me shower for almost 3 days because I had a reaction to the waterproof pressure bandage. It made me all grumpy & out of sorts that I couldn't wash the 'ugh' feeling off of my skin. My appendix & gall bladder were removed with laparascopy & I was able to shower in 24 hours. A nice hot shower with some good smelling soap & a loofa works wonders. I remember I was always shopping for the 'right' bath scent in 2004. Being sick & sweaty so much I wanted to smell good, even if only temporarily. I went through a lot of loofas too, scrubbing myself off so often.

what is my ISP doing today? everything is timing out on me.

I finally bought the case to make my old secondary HD into an external HD. I did not realize I bought one that needs it's own power supply.... So now I have to find 2 plugs, not just one, when I take the EHD with me. And if I copy all my scrap stuff to it, I can't scrap on the sofa. Not that I scrap on the sofa much, but the fact that i now can't makes me want too. That problem can be solved though. I can buy a new wireless router that has a USB hub, which cna make the printer & the EHD wirelessly networked. But that will have to wait until next month.

As I suspected there is no internet in the cabins, but there is a station in the lodge. I can see myself bunking off to the lodge sometime on Sunday or Monday to upload layouts for challenges that end on the 14th. :)


Laura Lou said...

There certainly is something healing about a nice hot shower. In the TB hospital we weren't allowed either for 3 months...that is 3 MONTHS!!!! I took almost HOURLY sponge-baths in the sink and becemr pretty good getting that "healing" feeling.

Bonnie said...

I agree so much about washing off the scent of an operation - I felt the same way after I had my c-sections, it was bliss, even working in the garden or going to gym, afterwards there is nothing nicer than a hot shower or soak in bubble bath.

loonyhiker said...

I have an external hard drive with its own power supply too. I scrap in one room where I can plug in 2 things. What a pain!

Glynis said...

What?? Half a week without INTERNET?? No way!!--try to have a good time anyway ;)