Thursday, August 24, 2006

What do you like best and least about where you live?

Best: We live in the middle of nowhere. There are nothing but farms around us, low population, no traffic. Nothing

Least: We live in the middle of nowhere. There are nothing but farms around us, low population, no traffic. Nothing.

These things are great when you want to be able to let the kids out to run around & play in the yard. They can strip naked & play with the hose, scream, yell, and have plenty of space to do whatever they want with no neighbors to disturb. I don't have to keep my lawn mowed unless I feel like it. I can paint my house any color I please & if I want to leave a well worn statue of the Muses on my roof for 6 years there is no one to complain about it but the cows. Sound does carry so I can't host a rock band nightly, but apart from that my restrictions are few & far between.

These things are not so great when you need milk, or your kids would like to play with someone other than themselves, or when they want to do something besides play in the yard, or you want a cup of coffee or to show for a new pair of pants. The absolute closest place to buy milk is 10 miles away. Any kid related activity is at least 20, ditto for shopping.

Ideally we want to own 40 wooded acres with a 2 mile long driveway that ends across the street from a shopping mall with a grocery store, coffee shop, B&N and a Target. All the seclusion and easy access as well. :)


debra said...

I live about 10 miles from the nearest store too... isn't it great how you have to check the gas tank before you head home?! Your last paragraph sounds like the perfect living arrangement!

Tink said...

My perfect retreat. I love the solitude and being away from it all OR I want the big metropolis. No in-between for me. My ex and I use to live in a 'town' that consisted or three houses and a post office each 5 to 10 miles from the other. The nearest grocery store was 30 miles away. But I loved it anyway.

Laura Lou said...

I love your ideal...a 2 mile driveway ending at the mall.

loonyhiker said...

I think living on a farm would be fantastic. I read all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books and that is what I picture a farm as. I've also read Charlotte's Web, which is my other "factual" book about farms! I always wished I lived in the country!

Karen said...

That ideal property sounds great. You might have to fight off a bunch of other contenders though.

Pam said...

What a cool idea for a place to live! Actually we stayed at a campground in an area similar - John Prince Park in Lake Worth, FL - all the shopping just up the road but the peace and quiet of the park and lake with trees to absorb the sounds. Sounds like where you are is great for everyday living, though.