Tuesday, August 01, 2006

childhood games

I don't remember playing specific games when I was a kid, apart from things like hop scotch and jumping rope. I played with dolls with the other little girls, making up stories about them. When the boys played we played with Weebles or those plastic army men you can buy by the bag, or with cars. i remember having a lot of adventures in the woods behind our houses too. There was an old tree that fell over and created a sort of bridge between 2 small hills. Lots of action went on there. It made a great pirate ship and was perfect for "None Shall Pass" (1972 I saw my first Monty Python episode. None Shall Pass was from a skit that later appeared in the Holy Grail as the Black Knight) The fall was relatively short from the tree & the dirt was as soft as loose dirt can be to land on.

Most of our non-all girl games invovled some sort of physical risk. I think a lot of mom's I know today would freak out if thier kids were playing a game that involved deliberately trying to throw one another off of a tree. Our parents didn't much care. We spent our days roaming around the woods & the neighborhood, playing whateveer game came to our imagination. Only the mock swordfights ever got us a warning, the famous "You'll poke your eye out" one. But they didn't stop us. They just warned us to be careful & left us to it. When I actually did break my collar bone, falling off the monkey bars, I was under full parental supervision. So there you go.


Tink said...

When it comes to kids, they seem to deliberately seem to get hurt when the parent is watching, lol. We use to have tree called the Monkey tree that we always played at.

heather said...

I am always amazed that my boys get hurt so rarely with the sword fights they play.

faery-wings said...

NOne shall Pass! Great game idea!!!