Friday, August 04, 2006

favorite clothes

what would we be wearing if someone dropped by?

Well, at the moment nearly everyone is in shorts & tees, but that is unusual. Normally I am weaing PJ bottoms. They are the only pants I own besides my 501s that fit me properly & it is too hot to wear jeans. My shorts are all too big, most of capris fit in the hips but not the waist or are too tight in the waist. So I wear drawstring PJ bottoms most of the time. Loose, cool, comfy.

DS1 is normally fully dressed but often is only in his underwear beacuse he likes to play in the sink & if a drop of water gets on his clothes he *must* take them off.

DS2 is usually missing his pants because I am lazy & never put them back on him after changing his diaper, unless we are going out.

DH is almost always found in his 'business casual' work clothes - tan pants & polo style shirt with company logo.


loonyhiker said...

If I had kids in diapers, they would never wear pants at home! I don't blame you because it sure makes life easier!

Tink said...

As soon as Indie gets here, off with the pants. It is a hassle trying to change his diapers as is, but with pants on, 10 times more difficult.

Glynis said...

Pajama pants are the best!

Bonnie said...

I used to do that too when Emma was still in nappies! But now she is toilet trained and sometimes she is lazy herself to pull her pants back up and if it isn't too cold I leave it, but most times she pulls them up herself. I agree, comfie is the only way to go, espicially at home, with no one to impress!

heather said...

Sounds relaxed, I too have clothes that do double duty as day wear (around the house) and sleepwear!