Monday, January 22, 2007

birthday present woes

I really thought that by now the stores would have restocked the Cars die cast cars. But no place around here has anything but Mater & Ramone & stock. WM is totally bare of cars stuff. I tried calling my folks to see if they could check around their part of FL for some of the ones I am looking for. They are still on their cruise. So I called my brother & he's going to check around his area for the King & Chick Hicks. We have/had a Chick Hicks. It's gone missing and DS1 still wants his own so I may as well look for it at the same time. DS2 just wants Cars for his b-day. It's Friday. I ended up out on eBay but as much as I want to make the kid happy I am NOT paying $19.99 plus $6 shipping for a King car. Not happening. I did find a few resonably priced ones from the same seller so I was able to get a shipping discount. I got the set of Luigi, Guido & a tractor (DS2 *loves* Guido) and I got the set of Filmore & Sarge and a Leak-less, all for only slightly more than I would have paid in WM if they were in stock. I now fully expect WM to get a HUGE Cars shipment in tonight.

Can I just say those people are eBay are loonies? Mater is not and never has been *RARE* or HARD TO FIND. I can go get 15 of them right now in our KB toys. Maybe I should & sell them for $14.99 a pop. Never believe the advertising on eBay. Always Google online & see if you can find the item & how much it is selling for. There are movies on there, listed as Rare & HTF, listed at $50 & up and you can get them at WM online for $20. Do your research. Thus ends the PSA...

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