Saturday, January 20, 2007

Good day for pretend play

This morning the boys decided to go on a 'fan-teek misry' which I believe, given the song DS1 was attempting to sing is actually an 'antique mystery', like in the movie El Dorado. They found a map (the torn cover of a giant coloring book) & then began working out which way to go. Apparently the signs pointed outside. DS1 put his shoes on & then tried to put DS2s shoes on, which was the sweetest thing I have seen them do in a long time. We all bundled up in coats because 'it bery breezy outside' (meaning both cold and windy) and DS1 led us off on the fanteek misry. This involved roaming all over the yard, into the tall grass, over by the truck trailer and then in the maze of pines, all the while singing the first 2 lines of the song from El Dorado. :) After wandering in the pines for a bit it was decided that it was 'too winny' and we should have the misry inside with some hot chocolate. DS2 insisted he get cold hot chocolate and a jelly (actually peanut butter) sandwich. I made everyone lunch and they settled down to watch El Dorado during quiet time. I wish it was not so windy outside. The cold would be ok because they keep moving but the wind just bites right through, so they go in & out every 5 minutes & ask for hot chocolate every time they come in. I'd sort of like to take them out to the fire restuarant for dinner tonight but as DH & I went out for Thai, and paid for babysitting, I suspect he won't be into the idea.

Basically I am just not in the mood to cook because the little demons have been so anti-dinner lately. They refused the chicken Thursday night. Then last night I went to Arbys before taking them to the gym (they do PNO once a month) & while they moaned & complained the whole way there about how hungry they were & when are they going to get to eat and kept going on about wanting the chicken - they didn't eat a damn thing out of their Kids meals. I found this both frustrating & gratifying. frustrating because I had spent $8 on chicken strips, fruit & juice and they only thing they did was drink the juice. Gratifying because it means it isn't just *my* cooking they are refusing. DS2 will eat the rice & spicy sauce at the fire restaurant. DS1 might eat the rice, or he might not. He might eat the shrimp, the steak or the chicken, or he might not. Odds are if promised ice cream he will eat something though. I'll give DH another half hour before I call him. He was supposed to be gone 'about 2 hours at most', 3 hours ago. He's driving around testing signal strength in various areas relating to some new towers they put up this week. DS2 asked me where he was and I said he was working and DS2 says "NO! Sadaday Daddy tay HOME!" I told hi he;d have to take that up with his father.

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