Friday, January 26, 2007

The little demon is 3

Where has the time gone? Three years ago right now I was semi-conscious from blood loss, laying in my hospital bed, trying to nurse and wondering what this kid's name would be. He wouldn't have a name for 48 hours. but despite being unable to raise my head without getting dizzy & being sore as hell in the nether regions, I was feeling pretty triumphant. I had had my unmedicated VBAC just like I had planned. DS1s birth went out of my control a week before he was born. I'd thought I'd been fairly laid back about my birthing plans with DS1 so I was surprised at how vehement I was about have the VBAC and not using meds. But I did it. I also managed to nurse him for a year. Physical problems had forced me to supplement DS1 at a month old & by 4 months he had weaned. He was such a solid little thing. 9lbs, 2ozs. Almost 2lbs heavier than his brother a birth. Due to the physical problems DS1 wouldn't weigh 9lbs until he was 8 weeks old. He was quite the little butterball as a baby. Now he is built more like a linebacker.

He still has zero interest in the potty, but he is really doing well at picking up after himself and his speech is clearer, with a larger vocabulary & sentence structure. He is getting better with his fine motor skills & his temper seems to be easing up. His tantrums are lessening in intensity & duration. he is really growing in the area of imaginary play. DS1 had a number of imaginary friends by now but DS2 doesn't appear to. He is however always making up games & things to do. He's a stubborn little cuss too.

All his gifts arrived today, which is luck not planning. As predicted 3 days after buying a LeakLess on eBay for $7.99 plus shipping, the KB Toys in town stocked them for $3.53. But they also stocked The King, which I was not going to pay $19.99 plus shipping for so I'm ok with that. The movie moment sets I got on ebay are still nowhere to be found so Im ok with paying a few extra bucks for them. None of the stores around had any of the Take Along Thomas stuff, except some trains I'd never heard of. I was hoping to get the Sodor Engine Wash, which they'd had 2 weeks ago everywhere. Shoulda bought it then. Finally found a crane set at Target & some additional track & a Percy. Plus we have the wooden Tonka tow truck we bought so we'd be sure to have at least something for him to open. The cake is cooling. It's a bundt cake because that is what he asked for. Chocolate, with chocolate icing & Cars candies. We're having pizza tonight at his request as well.

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