Friday, January 05, 2007

why you can't buy just one

After we took DS1 to preschool yesterday morning, DS2 and I headed to the big city to do a little shopping. Specifically I was looking for a potty for DS2 that had a big enough opening to contain all his parts at once. i don't know if he just has chubby legs & a chubby butt or if DS1 is skinny in those areas but if DS2 sits on the potty no shield guard in the world is going to stop the spray. So we stopped at Target, Wal-Mart & Toys R Us. I found a potty that fits the bill but DS2 pitched such a fit at the very idea of buying that I left it there. He's really adamant right now that he will NOT be using the potty. He'll be 3 in 2 weeks and has only once managed to use it (and sprayed everywhere which is why I was shopping). I also casually checked out the Cars situation in each of the stores. None had been restocked since Dec 26 apparently. I did find a Fabulous Hudson Hornet, Boost, Snot Rod and Chick Hicks. I only came across one of each (but had I wanted a green Ramone all 3 stores were packed with them) DS2 was thrilled with the Chick Hicks and I thought DS1 would be delighted with the hot rods since he is always talking about them & their different attributes. Didn't work that way of course. DS1 wanted the Chick Hicks. Buying duplicates of the 'hot' cars is SOP in the house - we have 2 Maters, 2 Lightenings, 2 Sallys, but the rest I have been able to get away with just one each. Apparently Chick Hicks is a 'hot' item. Who knew? So after 3 hours of running non-stop interference in squabbles over sharing I loaded the boys up in the car and drove to the small city where I hit KB Toys and WalMart, both of which had no Chick Hicks, but several green Ramones and no idea when they might be getting any more Cars toys. So Chick Hicks is on a time share plan, with mommy setting a timer, until we can find a second one or the novelty wears off. I think that is starting. Ds2 seems to be reaching the "i want it just so my brother can't have it' phase & once there he usually loses interest in the item within 24 hours. Here is hoping.

DS2 ate all his dinner! All of it, even the veggies and had seconds on the meatloaf. I can't honestly recall the last time that child cleaned his plate. Usually it's a struggle to get a few bites of anything into him. I did make the meatloaf with more Pomagrante Chipotle sauce that usual and the kid loves spicy. He also finally figured out that veggie dunked in ketchup really only taste like ketchup,s o I suppose that helped. I hope that continues as well. the dinner struggle is getting really really old.

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