Tuesday, January 23, 2007

one word

This Moment: exasperated (with the boys)
Your Shoes: slippers
Craving: silence
The State of Your Home: cleanish
Annoyed By: sons
Noise In the Background: sons
Really Want To: organize
Thinking about: shopping
Smelling: coffee
Favorite Product In Office Supply Aisle: notebooks
Don't Ever Want To: camp
Your Eye Color: greenish
The Weather: cold
Have Never Tried: bungee-ing
Think Everyone Should Try: sushi
Last Vacation Destination: Flordia
The Last Thing You Had to Drink: coffee
Your Bad Habit: coffee
What You're Going To Do Now: laundry


faery-wings said...

what do you use for organizing? I use ACDsee and it isn't all that bad to use.

loonyhiker said...

I never plan to try bungee jumping either! Someone would have to throw me and then only if they could prey my little fingers from whatever my bungee cord is attached to.

Tink said...

Love, love, love shrimp sushi....