Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It has begun

DS2 spent most of the afternoon pantless. He had several false starts, saying he needed to pee and then standing there or sitting there, swapping positions, saying "It not pwaytime!" when his brother came near (which is what I say when he stops paying attention) but finally after 2.5 hours he did actually pee in the potty. I of course was in another room & had regarded his "I have to pee" statement as yet another false alarm. Then I heard him doing & rushed in to find he was standing up & mostly getting it in the potty. When he was done he smiles, looks at me and announces matter of factly "I big now." Barely pauses long enough for me to cheer and hug him & asks for cookie & then goes on with his day. It was funny the way he said "I big now". It had a tone like "Well, that's it for the diapers. I'm just going to use the potty now. " If only it could be that easy. He did use the potty later as well, so I am hoping that at least his total resistance to the idea has faded. Ds1 started PT last January & pretty much had it down by June, but we had some physical problems that carried it out to October before everything finally worked.

DS1 was quite upset that his brother got the last cookie, especially as I had refused to give it to him 20 minutes earlier on the grounds dinner was only an hour away. he pointed out that he had pooped in the potty earlier & got nothing and peed in the potty 4-5 times & got nothing. And that just isn't fair. He is 15 months older than his brother. Because of the problems we had, his own reward/encouragement program only ended 2 months ago. It's still fresh in his mind. He was ok with it stopping, but he's not so ok with his brother getting something. I can't tell if he really understands why DS2 gets a reward. That it is encouragement at the start & at some point no one gets anything anymore. So th rest of the evening was spent in attention getting & sibling rivalry. DS1 is eager to help DS2 learn, he just doesn't like that DS2 gets rewarded & he doesn't. Not everything is equal. 2 of everything is just not possible. I have the feeling my life is going to be difficult the next few months.

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