Thursday, April 24, 2008

Doing my bit for the economy

We bought a washer & dryer this weekend. Just doing our part to keep the country out of a recession. The rebate check had nothing to do with it. We don't have it yet so it can't help pay for them. Besides we already earmarked that money for a root canal & tooth cap. This is just gratuitous spending. Our current 13 year old washer & dryer still work, you see. We don't actually *need* a new washer & dryer. Mostly.  The dryer is dying. It now takes 3 runs to dry what used to, for the past 3 years, take 2 runs and before that only took 1. The washer has capacity issues. It's a 3.2 cu ft washer, bought during our "Oh hell no, we won't be having kids" phase. So I am now during laundry 6 days out of 7 because I now have the clothing laundry equivalent of another adult in my house. Plus the towel and sheet equivalent of 2 adults. That will only get larger as the boys get larger. I'm fairly sure I am running up the electric bill running the machines so much.

We bough the Duet washer & dryer. (4.0 cu ft and 7.0 cu ft) We read up on reviews & went out to consumer reports & in the end decided that was the best for our budget. Please don't comment & tell me how bad your experience or your friend's experience with the Duet was. I bought the dented display models. I can't return them. I don't want the stress of hearing horror stories when I cannot change anything. I'd like to give my own review of them but I can't.  They haven't been delivered yet. They were supposed to be delivered sometime between noon and 5 on Tuesday, but mysteriously weren't. Yesterday I heard no word at all about them despite several phone calls to Lowes. This morning I was told 'between 9-12'. I said I have to leave at 11:30, call me if you won't be there by 11:15. It's 11:23 & I haven't heard a word.  Should I stay? Should I call DH and ask him to get the boys? Should I call the school & tell them I'll be needing that after care I asked about this morning? Should I go & leave a note on the door "Back by 1."?  I have 5 minutes to decide......


Miss Grace said...

I'm sure they'll pay for themselves in energy savings. So in a way you're also doing your bit for the environment!

Sandy C. said...

Ack! I hope they made it to you alright.

WE bought a similar washer to the Duet (the Kenmore brand)and we love it! It does allow us to wash so much more in 1 load, and the spinning really does cut down on the dryer time. We decided on the purchase to save energy and resources for the environment.