Wednesday, April 23, 2008

is this day over yet???

It began at 5:45am, when Mayhem came stomping down the stairs from his room and began loudly playing with trains in the kitchen. He was dropping small metal trains off of the table & onto the slate floor. Noisy.

This was followed around 6am by the discovery that I had purchased cinnamon flavored toothpaste instead of mint. I hate cinnamon (except cinnamon rolls). I discovered this, not by reading the box or tube, but by sticking a toothbrush with it in my mouth. Nasty

Then there were the usual issues of small people dawdling while getting ready for school, followed by the engine light coming on in my car while I was driving them there. Could be expensive

Gas was $3.49 a gallon!

One of the cats got in the house while we were leaving for school. The one that pees on bathmats (which is why they are an outside cat). Smelly

Lowe's called. The dryer they were supposed to be delivering and installing today has a massive dent in it and it could be Friday before they can deliver a new one. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday. Disappointing.

I spent an hour in the hot sun rigging the shade cloth into place on our porch. We take it down for the winter. 3/4 of the way into it I discovered several of the clamps had gone missing and I couldn't fasten it down on one side. Sweaty.

Small boys colored on the wall with markers while I was folding clothes. Annoying.

They spilled juice on the floor while I was taking a shower and left it that way until I came into the room and saw it. Infuriating!

I discovered the sink pipes sprang a leak while I was making dinner. The leak itself started who knows when & all the containers under the sink were full of water. I had to stop what I was doing, go get the shop vac, suck up all the water, take out all the containers, wipe out the cupboard, tighten the valves on the pipes, unload the dishwasher, reload the dishwasher with the assorted containers from under the sink, then go back to preparing dinner. Aggravating.

DH called to say he won't be home until the boys' bedtime.  I have no adjective to express my opinion on that particular development.

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