Monday, April 28, 2008

Things put off today for tomorrow

Mayhem had an appointment with an ENT today, an hour away from home. At noon, which pretty much shot my morning because I only had 90 minutes to work with & that is not enough time to drive 25 minutes in the opposite direction and run errands. It ended up shooting my afternoon as well.

Mayhem has swollen tonsils and adenoids. He probably has allergies. He's been given a prescription for Nasonex and we go back in 6 weeks to see if there is improvement. We waited a half hour to see the doc. She then sent us off to the outpatient clinic to get Mayhem's blood drawn for allergy tests. That took over an hour. We'll get results in 2 weeks. Once we know what we are dealing with & see how the meds do, then we'll decide where to go from there.

Mayhem was cooped up from 11am to 2pm in a car, waiting rooms & offices, then he got stuck with a needle. He behaved really well throughout it all. He watched the rain drops on the car window chase themselves.  He played with blocks at the docs office. He put together a puzzle, played with a sand table and finally pulled a chair up to one of the water fountains and played some game involving the water. His excellent behavior was rewarded with a quick dash into the toy department of Target where he selected a bucket of dinosaurs (to go with the ones we already have). We got home at 3:30pm & there was no time to run errands.


So tomorrow this is what I get to spend the morning doing:

Drive 20 miles

Drop off the boys at school

Drop off the game rentals

Drive 25 miles

Drop of Mayhem's prescription

Go to the gym

Go to library #1, drop off & pick up books

Pick up prescriptions

Go to grocery store

Drive 25 miles

Mail mooched books

Take property tax forms to county office

Go to library #2, drop off & pick up books

Go to Mennonite market

Pick up boys at school

Drive 20 miles

The good part is, given the winding country lane-ness of my drives, I get to listen to 3 hours of an audiobook. The bad news is I have 3 hours and 27 minutes left in a murder mystery. I'm just going to reach the set up for the final unmasking about the time I pull into the driveway.

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Miss Grace said...

I have had FAR too many of those kinds of driving days. At least your stereo isn't broken. Mine is.