Sunday, April 27, 2008

When can we have mac & cheese?

Havoc wants mac & cheese for dinner. The problem with that is DH is not fond of it & while I will eat it, I prefer not to. Mac & cheese dinners must occur on nights when we get Thai take out. The boys have yet to find a single edible item on the menu at the Thai place so they get mac & cheese when we want Thai.

Thursday is take out night & we were going to get Thai then.  We'd had the braised endive Tuesdays, and as predicted Havoc ate his eggs, Mayhem's eggs and some of my eggs, plus the required one bite of endive. Mayhem choked down a bite of endive & a bite of egg & had a piece of cheese & some grapes. He asked, rather pathetically "We have meaf-woaf tomowoow?" Havoc is not wild about meatloaf but he ate a few bites of it and the mixed veggies and then requested mac & cheese for the next night. That worked out well with the Thai plan. Except then we were invited to join several other people for dinner at a teppan yaki place. The boys will eat rice and sauce (Havoc likes the pink one & Mayhem will eat the ginger sauce right out of the bowl with a spoon) and I can usually get some veggies into them. So we went there. Friday various meal plans came & went based on DH's estimate of when he would be home that night. It would have been a good mac & cheese night, but ended up being an Arby's night due to communications issues.  Last night we had steak & lentil salad which was ok. I need to get better with beans. The boys didn't like it. Havoc ate his required bites, picking out the olives & then helped himself to an apple. Mayhem had his bites & then announced he would rather go hungry and could we please have pizza next time. I'd just discovered the braised chicken requires bone in breasts which I don't have, so I agreed. Later than evening Havoc was sulking & I asked him why.  "When are we going to have mac & cheese? Why does Mayhem get to pick dinner?" valid questions, especially when the answer is that I don't really want to make mac & cheese because I don't like it much.

DH has a climb a couple hours away tomorrow & will probably have another day like he had Friday, so there is no point in my planning a full meal. We have to drive an hour to Mayhem ENT appointment in the afternoon, so I think mac & cheese from the blue box, mixed with some peas might be just the thing for dinner tomorrow night. 

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