Wednesday, April 09, 2008

He can hear

He just chooses not to listen. That is the verdict from the hearing tests Mayhem had yesterday. He had some problems with the test they do in the ped's office. We couldn't determine whether he wasn't hearing or if he wasn't paying attention.  The doc & I discussed it and because I did have other concerns about his hearing she scheduled this more in depth test. Mayhem always complains that the TV is not loud enough and his ability to hear when there are distractions seems to be limited.  "What did you say?" gets shouted at me several times a week. When he speaks he sounds as if he is stuffed up, even when he isn't. Is it a hearing problem or is he just being difficult or attempting to exert control on his surroundings?  Turns out he's just being Mayhem, which doesn't really surprise me.  He passed the test with flying colors.  He hears what he wants to hear.  We are going to see a ear, nose & throat specialist in a couple of weeks because of the speech issue and his frequent runny noses. I suspect we will then be sent to an allergist.

Havoc lost his first tooth on Thursday.  This was unexpectedly early and he accepted that the Tooth Fairy might be a couple days late in collecting the tooth because of that. The tooth fairy is on a tight schedule & if your tooth comes out before she was expecting it she has to work you in when she can find an opening. That can take a few days.  Havoc was fine with that. Monday night the tooth fairy finally got her act together & found a Sacajawea dollar coin to give him (the alternative being foreign currency because the tooth fairy never  remembers to go the bank).  Havoc is thrilled with his new coin, takes it to school to show it off and loses it. We assume he lost it at school as that is the last place he remembers having it.

So, my dilemma is do I replace the coin & have a happy child or do I not replace the coin and pitch this as a 'learning opportunity'. I'm thinking of combining the 2 and let today go by & see how he reacts to it not being found. If he is still fairly upset about it, the coin will turn up in the laundry tomorrow afternoon and we'll discuss again the importance of keeping track of his possessions. If he's not really upset about it we'll have the discussion and the coin will remain lost (assuming it doesn't turn up at school today)

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Susan said...

Oh, mom, I'm all for option 1, let the coin turn up someplace clever. Childhood is only for a few short years and magic is so hard to produce later. They never remember half of it, but they do remember how great their parents were when they get older. Love your blog, keep it up, I love their blog names. It's so clever.