Thursday, April 03, 2008

Odds and Ends

It seems I do not have a principle, I just had an idea that I liked.  Mayhem had the varicella vax. He also had his last MMR and sometime in the next couple months he'll get the last DTaP.  I did have a bit of an argument with the doc about the Hib & HepB.  I'll be bringing my supporting documentation (from the DOH website) when we go back for the DTaP.  He meets the base vax requirement on those even if the schedule looks like he needs one more of each.  I did stick with my intended delayed vax schedule. It just was bumped a year because the public school started offering a Pre-K, so the shots were needed sooner. He would have had that MMR and DTaP at his yearly exam anyway (which should have been last month) So maybe I did have a principle and even mostly stuck to it.

Tomorrow Curious George comes home with Havoc for the weekend. His teacher has a stuffed George, complete with suitcase, journal and PJs, and he is visiting everyone in the class for a weekend. We're supposed to write a story in his journal about the things George did while visiting us. We were going to take him hiking, but DH is going camping this weekend and no way I am I taking 2 energetic small boys into the mountains by myself. And it's supposed to rain. So the back up plan is George gets to pick out a Wii game to rent and we are all going to make banana yogurt muffins (which Havoc assures me are George's favorite).  If there is a break in the rain we'll go to the park and Sunday night we're taking George for teppan yaki.  I'm sure George will have a lovely time.

I am behind on my 365 Project.  I've taken a photo a day. But they sit in my download folder. I haven't cropped them or adjusted them, or even chosen which of the 6 photos of the same thing I want to be that day's photos. The last one I have done is March 24. Plus it's now April so I need to get March's book pages set up.

I've been entirely sucked up by the Library Thing. I've been scanning & entering books like crazy. 800 books in the last 4 days alone. I'm sure my enthusiasm will dim soon, but in the meanwhile I am not getting anything else done.

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