Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Been playing with the camera

I took some shots while waiting for the kids' bus yesterday afternoon

Very clear photos, unretouched


I'm liking the macro setting


and the no flash setting seems less inclined to blur


Do I need to wash my coffee maker or what? This is embarrassing.


I'm liking the in camera editing too. This time of year the flash is needed inside and given the light wood cabinets, light wood floors, light wood furniture and the yellow living room walls my photos are already inclined to have a yellow hue even without the flash



retouched in camera only


Overall I'm pretty pleased, though it will take me some time to get used to looking through a viewfinder again. I've been looking at a display screen for 6 years. 

Put the camera up to your face and look through the little window? Seriously? People do that?

I also need a cool bag for it. I'd thought one came with the package I got but I read that wrong. WooHoo! bag shopping!!!


Hannah Noel said...

Great shots-- what kind of Camera is that?

HeatherK said...

Actually, I've gotten good at guestimating what's in frame. ;-) I much prefer flash off because it's so easy to reset the white balance in PSE. Great first shots. Isn't it amazing what you can get right out of the camera.

Kresta said...

Fun shots! I'm a Nikon girl too. Couldn't tell from your pic in the previous post which one you got. Congrats!

Lena said...

Love your camera! And love the stickers all over the appliances LOL

Vanessa said...

Its always fun to play with your camera. Great photos.

Jenni Jiggety said...

Wow! Those are terrific photos!

2TooManyHats said...

First, what is the deal with the smiley faces? Very cute, but just wondering if there was some reason other than the kids got ahold of the stickers one day :)

You are a very good photographer. I hope you have lots of fun with your new camera!

shannon said...

Your kitchen was attacked by the killer happy face stickers. Glad to see you survived.

journey2learn said...

Such great pictures. I love the macro setting one!! Fun stuff.

Jess said...

AWESOME Now that's a camera that I need!! LOL

Deb said...

love the photos... especially the book one. you've got quite an eye~

more! more!

Jade said...

Wow very nice ! I am a photoholic too. Just love to snap pics of everything that fascinates me.

Mom Bloggers said...

Great shots! Its fun to experiment with different looks!

Heather (How to be a Woman?) said...

I like your photos! Cute stickers on your stuff. And I never did get the hang of looking at the camera and not putting the camera up to my eye.

Doré said...

I love the randomly placed smiley stickers... very cute!

Great pictures... you make me want to get a new camera now... don't be offended when Anthony decides to be anti Stacey after I tell him all about wanting a new camera after reading your blog!! lol

Heather B. said...

yeah, Totally jealous!! Fabulous pics!!