Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What I am making for Thanksgiving

I envision this conversation between my sons, some Thanksgiving far in the future, when they are sitting around the table with their children & grandchildren.

Havoc: Remember the savory mashed sweet potatoes?

Mayhem: What about the apricot glazed turkey?

Havoc: the one with the cornbread & oyster stuffing?

Mayhem: No the sourdough and fig stuffing.

Havoc: Oh yeah. I'm thinking of the stuffed maple turkey breast. How about the prime rib that one time?

Mayhem: with the horseradish mashed potaotes!

Havoc: *sigh* Our mom made the best reservations didn't she?

Mayhem: Yeah, no one could dial like our mom. She was a wizard with the phonebook.

Havoc: Remember the time Dad did Thanksgiving dinner?


Together: Waffle House!!!

I don't *do* Thanksgiving dinner you see.

We go to my folks in Florida for a week every year, we alternate between Thanksgiving and Xmas. Mom controls Thanksgiving. Attempts to help or change or add anything to the menu is met with firm but polite refusal.

This is an Xmas year, so the Thanksgiving 'feast' is on me. Considering just what parts of the traditional thanksgiving meal my kids are willing to eat - the bread rolls & the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie - I can't really call it a 'feast'. Oh they might take a bite or two of turkey & if I stand over them gulp down a bite of sweet potatoes. If corn is on the cob Havoc will eat some. Mayhem will pull a couple leaves out of his salad & eat them. It's hard to work up much enthusiasm to make a big meal when this is what you are facing.

I'm not yet willing to make cheese pizza or mac & cheese our traditional Thanksgiving dinner so we go out to eat. There are a number of local restaurants that put on Thanksgiving buffets or special Thanksgiving menus. Everyone gets what they want. DH doesn't have a stack of dishes to wash. I'm not annoyed that the food I made isn't being eaten and we don't have pounds of leftover turkey in the fridge. Honestly? Turkey is ok, but after one round of sandwiches on Friday or Saturday, I'm done with the leftovers.

I'm figuring it will be a special family tradition. My future DILs might thank me for lowering the bar so much. If they don't want to deal with cooking Thanksgiving, their husbands will not be expecting it anyway. If they do want to make a feast they don't have to worry about including any special items or any expectations from our side of the family.

"Oh they were great reservations honey, really.I love your reservations. But...I guess there is just something special about the way my mom made the reservations. "


Vanessa said...

LOL! Too funny.

We had our Thanksgiving on Saturday and DD was the same way, wouldn't eat much.

But she scarfed down leftovers on Monday.

Deb said...

a-men to that! my kids like the food now, but the bar has been lowered SO low, they really don't expect anything. although this year, they are so excited about the dang turducken.

Kresta said...

Hilarious!! That's so great!

barb said...

I've read a lot of similar blog entries today that leave me wondering if I'm the only freak left out here who loves the fuss, loves to cook, and doesn't even mind doing the clean up!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Aunt Becky said...


You took a page out of my Cooking Handbook! "When in doubt, order out!"

Jenni Jiggety said...

LOL! My youngest will eat rolls and carrots tomorrow at dinner. Going out to eat is probably not a bad idea at all!

2TooManyHats said...

ROFLOL! I think you have the right take on it - why cook a huge meal when no one will appreciate it. The kids get the big deal meal every other year at your moms.

Connie said...

You're a great mom and going to be a even better MIL. If this is your family's tradition, who's to say what's right or wrong? Enjoy your ressies!

Paula Constable said...

That's funny! I have never made a turkey-i could if i had to, but i don't. I have to bring a salad to my in-law's house today. I can handle that. I am thankful for those who like to cook and entertain!

Happpy Thanksgiving!