Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Card Photos–take 2

When last we left our heroine she was struggling with how to make this holiday card more festive.


It needed something. There was a decided lack of…holiday spirit.

I know!

It needs bounty hunters


Because nothing says ‘peace love & joy’ quite like bounty hunters.

Except maybe… bounty hunters with candy canes!


Ok, yeah. Candy canes. They are festive holiday things right?

Let’s get everyone together for a group shot shall we?


Enough with the sulking Rex, turn around & face the camera. You WILL play nicely with the bounty hunters for the next 5 minutes.

That goes for you too Bane!

And someone make sure Greenie doesn’t choke on that candy cane will you?

I went to get a couple more candy canes & came back to this.


Honestly you guys! Can’t leave you alone for a second. Fett is unarmed & not a threat to you. Put down the gun Cody & let go of the candy cane Rex.

Everyone get back in position


Oh my god Rex! That’s it! You are on time out!


And you can join him Bane if you don’t knock it off


There will be peace love & joy in this photo if I have to beat it out of all of you!

Cody, you and Bane act like you can be civil for a few a moments. Put your arms around each other.


And perhaps not look so annoyed by it Cody.


Better but I *know* I told you to put the gun down earlier.

And I never said you could pick it back up again, did I?


See, it’s not that difficult, nobody’s picked up any bounty hunter cooties or clone cooties either.

Now all together as a group & everyone better play nice or there will be NO hot chocolate afterward.

I have all day people.

We can just sit here until bedtime if that’s what it takes.


Bane: She won’t really keep us here all day will she?

Cody : Oh that’s right. You weren’t here for last year’s card. She’ll keep us here as long as it takes. Best to just humor her.

Greenie: She’s not kidding about the hot chocolate either. And I WANT hot chocolate, so listen to her already or I’ll bite your head off.

Enough chatter! Line up people! and dinos!



But geez…


You all are really pushing my buttons today.

One last try everyone



(This post aided and abetted by Havoc & Mayhem who were blessed with Xmas break starting two days early due to 2.5 inches of snow & leaving me no time to take these photos unassisted)


joanie said...

I love, love, LOVE this Stacey! You are hilarious and creative. Kudos.

Sara said...

Awesome. :) I hope you actually send one of these out for cards!

Rinda1961 said...

What a riot! And the picture is fantastic.

Andrea Chamberlain said...

OMG, this was funny but this:

"There will be peace love & joy in this photo if I have to beat it out of all of you!"


humel said...

Are you perhaps feeling slightly less than blessed about the early Christmas break for the boys?! ;-)

It was worth it, the photos are just *fabulous*, as is the story behind them xx

Lizziemade said...

That. Was. Fantastic! Stacey I have been laughing aloud at this post - it's such amazing fun! Thanks for a bundle of laughs, it's a great post!
The finished photo was worth all the hard work in the end, wasn't it?
Tell Havoc and Mayhem I approve...

SciFi Dad said...

This was probably my favourite post of the month, if not the year.

humel said...

I just showed this to my boy, our Star Wars fanatic. He had hysterics and is still giggling now. Thank you for cheering his day xx

Comfy Mom said...

I think the last one might be a keeper

Comfy Mom said...

yeah, I'm just feeling the love here. :)

Comfy Mom said...

I am a tad miffed I lost those two days. I had some shopping to do that can't be done with them around & am still trying to figure out how to get it done

Comfy Mom said...

Glad he enjoyed it!

Comfy Mom said...

Thank you!

scrapchick said...

lol, Fun - love the bokeh too!

Jim said...

I was just wondering do you trade featured blog posts. Thanks for sharing your Blog with others.