Monday, December 06, 2010

Journal Your Christmas

I’ve only managed 2.25 pages so far. Prompts 4 and 6 are not coming into focus and I am waiting for there to be some weather besides ‘cold’, which is impossible to photograph, to do the second.

Here are prompts 1 & 3



The .25 of a layout  is from prompt 5. This is the first year we have been able to have a non-Lego City theme calendar. I’ve decided to take a photo of every item in this years one.  So this layout can’t be completed until late on the 24th.


Our tree is up and Elvin brought us our new ornaments this morning.

Look for a post gushing about my beloved ornaments soon.


Rinda1961 said...

im sure you will have a very unique and, uh, distinctive tree!

Inselaeffchen said...

Your pages are looking great. Are they fully digi? If so - what did you use for them?

Jackyscales said...

Love the way your documenting the advent will be such a great permanent reminder.

Ruth said...

I love how these pages are looking. You went with digital, right?

SciFi Dad said...

We got the City one this year, but are saving it for our son when he's a bit older (it's construction equipment). We're doing last year's City one again; my daughter doesn't even remember it from last year.

Carrie said...

Nice! Cool idea on the Advent! Just got my Day 2 done & posted! Playing catch up here as well!

Comfy Mom said...

yes they are fully digi. I scrap in PSPX2 and use mostly supplies from

Comfy Mom said...

Yes I went with digital. Scissors hate me