Monday, December 13, 2010

What I did instead of what I ought to have done

Ok, so we are up to what? Prompt 13 I think today?

And I have what? 4.35 layouts done?

That is further behind than I intended to be by this point.

I sat down at this computer Saturday morning determined to use Rinda’s suggestion about prompt 9 and then do prompt 11 because I know exactly what I want it to be. Plus I‘d have time to tackle the boys about prompt 4 & at least get it started. Then I figured Sunday I’d work on prompt 10 & whatever prompt 12 was.

I ended up doing 3 complete layouts and have 8 others in various stages of completion from 50% to 90%.

But none of them were Journal Your Christmas layouts.

I sat down intending to them. Really I did. But then…the spirit moved me…and one thing I have learned is that if the spirit has a topic in mind there is no use trying to channel it to another topic, just go with it.

The spirit moved me to get caught up on my 365 Project layouts and since I last did a few back in April I had a lot of catching up to do. I am doing a layout for each of the 16 topics I photograph every month and then a two page spread of the remaining 13-15 photos. I’d set up about 5 of the topics and non of the months back in April. This weekend I set up another 7 of the topics, completed them with photos through November or December, but not all the journaling, picked a style for the remaining 4 (which are the photos of each of us) and 3 styles to rotate through the 12 months. I also managed nearly all of one page of January before 9pm Sunday when I called it quits. 

All I can say is thank god for year in review templates.

This is what I have completed so far:

The colors black




and green


I’ve nearly finished the clones


and the books


and just have to add the text to the first page of january


This is very different from the last two photo books I have done. All the photos are scrapped this time. I’d initially intended to just scrap the themes & then photobook the rest but I think this will look more cohesive.

And since it’s only going to be 40 pages I can afford the blurb 12x12 hardback book

But man it is going to seem skinny beside the other 2.

I’m hoping the spirit will be satisfied with my progress on this soon & move me to get back to the JYC layouts.


Cheri said...

That is quite a bit accomplished - and the pages look fabulous!

SciFi Dad said...

Those look really good, if, you know, my opinion means anything because I have no idea what you're doing.

PhotographingMom said...

Oh, I LOVE that book idea!!! Snagging for 2011!!!

Rinda1961 said...

Awesome! I love how you're doing it, and when I'm really busy, I keep telling myself, as long as I'm doing something, I"m making progress.

Beverly said...

Congratulations!!! You got so much accomplished and it looks fantastic :)

humel said...

I'm so glad you went where the spirit moved you! THis has really inspired me for next year, I've been thinking about ways to refresh my Project 365 and what to do instead of Scrap Your Day :-)

Carrie said...

Really nice pages for the year - love the pics of books!

Lizziemade said...

Wow, you did soooo much! Those pages are truly amazing - even if you did use templates. I really love them - and I recognised so many of those photos from your year's blogging!

And after all, you can do JYC next time...

(secret, I haven't made a scrap page since the Summer vacation! - tooooo busy!)

Happy Scrapping Christmas Stacey!

Jim said...

I am first here visiting your site while I'm Glad your a nice post .. thanks sharing

Andrea Chamberlain said...

Those layouts look fantastic - LOVE LOVE LOVE that book one. There's something about seeing stacks of books like that that just makes me smile.

Carole said...

Love those pages! The colour ones are a great idea but I'm really loving that book one. The book is going to look great when it's finished.

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TV Series Planet said...

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